Wordless Wednesday

So... where exactly am I supposed to put my groceries??
Reading his "magnet" (magazine)
Who wants to fold laundry when you can bother your children instead??

Now I remember why I stopped talking on the phone.

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If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that this year will be our first doing Christmas at our own home.

Husband and I both had childhood's rich with Christmas tradition, and this year, we will start some of our own for the Bugs.

Starting with this creepy little guy.

Yes, I broke down and bought the freakin' Elf On A Shelf.

We tend to avoid the masses and stray outside the norm for most things, but we jumped on the band wagon for this one.

Why'd we do it??

For no reason other than the hope that Lovebug will behave like a human being, (not a maniac two year old) for the next month.

Call us selfish, but we bought the Elf for us, not him.

Eventually we hope that the Elf will be a tradition that the Bugs looks forward to, but for now, we are using him for all he is worth.

Even though, admittedly I find him super scary.

I'm not a doll person. When I opened the box and saw this pixie faced creeper, I was kinda disappointed he wasn't a little more Will Ferrell "Elf", and less "Nightmare on Elf Street".

Not to mention that the whole mindset behind teaching your child to behave because a teeny, tiny man is watching him is kinda weird... but, it's working so I can't knock it.

And, Lovebug was excited about it from minute one.

The Elf was "delivered to our house by one of Santa's helpers," after Lovebug went to bed.

When he woke up, we read the Elf book (which explains that the Elf will watch you from his perch, report to Santa, and then hide somewhere new the next day) and ran around looking for the little guy.

As soon as we found him hiding (on top of the microwave), Lovebug named him (per the instructions of the book).

What'd he name him??

Wonky Wonk.

As in, Honky Tonk, but with W's.

I was all, "You're sure... Wonky Wonk?? You wanna stick with that??"

And Lovebug took off, "Daddy!!! Wonky Wonk is on the microwave!!!"

I have to hand it to that little Elf, Lovebug has been behaving like a little sugar plum since he arrived.

I know it is dumb, but it makes me laugh anyway.

For now, Lovebug doesn't get the whole Wonky Wonk flies to the North Pole every night and lands somewhere new every morning thing.

Which is why Lovebug has already made a habit of running to the microwave looking for the little guy.

What can I say, the kid's a sucker for tradition.



Husband says to Ladybug while we are all playing in the toy room:

"You're so chubby and cute, I love it!"

Five minutes later, Lovebug is following me into the kitchen:

"Mommy, you're so chubby and cute!"

Hmmm... should I be flattered?

Thanksgiving Germs

We enjoyed a casual Thanksgiving afternoon with Husband's family on Turkey Day, before throwing the kiddos in the car and heading North to surprise my family.

The whole crew was at my parent's vacation house, but we had declined the offer, being that it was "Husband's year," (we switch back and forth for Thanksgiving every year).

After some serious planning and covering Lovebug's mouth every time the phone rang for a week, we pulled off the ultimate Thanksgiving Day surprise.

The two babes slept soundly for the whole ride, and when we arrived at the cabin, Lovebug opened the door and proudly yelled, "Ta-Da!"

There were 13 people sprawled out on opposite sides of the the cabin, sleeping and napping off their turkey coma when we arrived.

Our tiny Bug crew was in the house only 5 minutes and everyone had quickly packed themselves into one room, clamoring to hold Ladybug, and play with Lovebug.

I come from a long line of baby lovers, and our family was beaming with excitement to see our babies (the only grandchildren) that night.

It got me thinking that that is what Thanksgiving is all about... not turkey, and stuffing, and football.

It's about doing things for people you love, just to see the smile on their faces.

I knew how badly my Dad wanted our family all together this Holiday, so we just figured it out, and it was totally worth it.

At least, in theory anyway.

We're happy we went, and seeing my parent's faces when Lovebug surprised them more than made up for the ride, but, the rest of our trip was, well... sickly. 

Friday morning my siblings all woke up with bad head colds. They stayed huddled under blankets with a variety of cold meds by their side the rest of the weekend.

With a house full of sick people trying to dodge our babies, and our babies refusing to sleep at night; we decided to cut our trip short and headed for the sanctuary of our own non-sick home.

Correction: formally non-sick home.

Thanksgiving is about "giving" after all, and my siblings gave us their germs, which we are harboring nicely in our sick Bug house.

Our petri dish of fun includes one sick crabby Toddler, a sick husband, and a sick Mommy.

This chick; bless her breastfed immune system, is happy, healthy and clearly very well fed. 

Oh  well, one out of four ain't half bad.




I ordered this sweatshirt/fleece jobby from Gap.com.

Cute, right?

It came in, and the fit was just a little off.

There was extra fabric bagging in weird places, but they didn't have an XS at my store, so I was just going to wash it and hope it shrunk in the correct areas.

I was modeling this number for 3 of my girlfriends, and we were all pulling and tweaking the shirt, trying to see if it was worth the trouble of keeping, washing, and hating anyway.

Just then, Lovebug walks into the room, and in one sentence, makes the decision for me:

"Mommy! Wook at you!!! You wook wike Big Bird!!!"

Needless to say: I no longer own this shirt.


Wordy Wednesday: Freedom

What the eff is this "freedom," bidness, and why do my kid's want it??

Walks around the block start holding hands, and then slowly, and surely, he sneaks away.

He always stays within reach, close enough to come back, but far enough to explore on his own, searching for a "vee-an-ture" (adventure), and freedom.

This is boo-shit!

Boo-shit, boo-shit, boo-shit! He is only two!

He is supposed to want to hold my hand for at least another year!  Right?

He finds things, and brings them back to show me, which makes my heart ache. 

"Let me be Mom, but be ready when I have something exciting to show you."

Ladybug jumped on the "let me be," train too. She now sleeps in her own room.

Here's me, her first night in her nursery: staring like a maniac at the monitor.

And here's Ladybug, happy as a clam... just let me sleep Ma, just let me sleep.

(Sidenote: Is it just me or does it look like her body is on backwards in this last picture?? Weird, right)

Stupid freedom, stupid space, stupid independence.... who needs it??

Apparently, my children, that's who.

Check Me Out

So, you might be noticing something a little different around here today... my beautiful new layout, banner, button.... EVERYTHING combo.

I feel like a NEWWWW woman.

I feel like Beyonce, shakin' my booty all over the damn place.

I feel like Beyonce's fetus (richest, luckiest baby ev-ah... who has Twitter, sidenote).

I feel like Rapunzel when she goes outside for the very first time (only when she's happy, not the whole bi-polar part).

This new layout is perfect for me, it fits like a friggin' glove.

I am also super humble, and laid back about the whole thing too, if you couldn't tell.

I, like a lot of women, am extremely fickle, and sadly only liked my last layout for about 5 minutes.

No disrespect to the designer, but it just didn't feel like me.

I was super excited to get something new back in August, but after a little while, felt like it just wasn't a good fit. Blame it on pregnancy hormones, but I was all, "Yes this is amazing!" for literally a day... and then my BFF was like, "What is up with this, it is totally not you..."

My first thought was, "What a beyotch...." and my second thought was, "Damn it, she's right again."

So after a lot of searching, I found an amazing designer.

And sent her my rough idea for what would work better for me, and my little blog.

She's good right?

Her design is dead on, and even better than I could have ever imagined.

Every time I went to my blog before I felt like I was wearing someone else's pants, something that didn't fit, and made me kind of uncomfortable.

Now this?? This is me, and our family.

It is light, fun, and not really too cutesy. Lord knows I hate cutesy.

So do the Cutie, Patootie, Bugsie- Wubsie, Love-sies.


Sweet, Easy Art

Okay, since I still cant show you Ladybug's nursery (fail)... I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek of some super easy art I made for her room instead.

If I am going to be honest with you, it is only "art" because it is framed on the wall... it is hardly something that I actually made with my two hands.

I have been trying to be budget conscience throughout the course of this nursery re-do. So, I stepped outside of the box and thought, how can I get 3 pieces of artwork for less than $15 and not really lift a finger?

Cards. Yup, greeting cards.

Ladybug and I headed to Tar-Jay, I found some cupcake cards, and bought frames with almost no actual "frame," since I knew I was dealing with a skinny wall.

I wasn't diggin' the original black of the no-frame frames, so I painted them with some Martha Stewart paint I had on hand.

If I were to do this again, I'd pick a different frame because I had to push the glass through the front of the no-frame frame, which made some of the paint chip off. Boo.

Anyway, after I got all my non-frame frames painted,  I put the cards in and called it a day... oh wait, no I didn't.

I said this art was "sweet," didn't I?

Yup, I did (look at the title, see, "Sweet").

Now the reason this art is sweet, is not because they are cupcakes, though that they are.

The reason this art is sweet is because I hand wrote a note to Ladybug inside each card.


I figured it'd be cool for her to open them up years from now when she is 5 or 6 and asks to change things up in her room. By then I will probably definitely have forgotten ever doing this, and I will be excited to see what I wrote too.

What did I write?

I toyed around with this and decided I didn't want them to just be, "I love you, I am obsessed with you, blah blah," cards, for fear when she did open them, Lovebug would be jealous.

I did write how blessed we were to have her in our family in one and of course mentioned her brother, too.

In the others, I told her about our trip to the store to buy these cards together  (maybe Tar-Jay will be called something different when she opens these, like, "Try to Buy Just One Thing, I Dare Ya"), and I told her about our family.

I told her that I had learned from my mother to keep an, "Open Door Policy," at home, to welcome anyone and everyone with open arms, and whatever you can scrape together in the fridge.

Or order on the phone, whatever.

I told her I hoped one day she would raise her family with a, "The More the Merrier," attitude, like we strive to raise ours.

And I told her that if one day, she hands me a framed card, says it's "art," and tells me to hang it on my wall; I will call her "Picasso," sing her praises from the mountain tops, and get my hammer.

Check out what real artsy bloggers are doing here... These women put my "non-art, art," to shame.


Quickie: These Words Actually Came Out of My Mouth Today

"If you have to poop do it in the potty, or on the wood floor, NOT ON THE CARPET!"

"Why is your hand in your butt?... You put what?! A chip? You put a chip in your butt?!!!!... What kind of chip?"

"Please stop humping my back."

"I will not neigh, no, Mommy is not a horse right now. No, I'm not a Baby Elephant either."

"Oh My God, it smells like something crawled up her butt and died."

"She shit up to her neck."

"Must you put your butt on everything?"

"If you don't go to bed right now, then you have to wear clothes tomorrow, ALL DAY!"

Tweet, Tweet

Helllo beautiful readers.

Guess what I did today?

Per the suggestion of one of my gym buddies, I signed this lil blog o' mine up for Twitter.

Woaaaah, welcome to twenty eleven to me!

Follow me, and let me follow you too!

My twitter name is: Our Tiny Place (duh!)

Go... tweet, tweet!

And remember, I am new to this twittering bidness- so be nice, and teach me what to do!

Three Months

Ladybug hit the big 3 month mark last week. 

I cant even believe it. Or stand it. Make it stop.


I want my babies small and chunky and tiny forever!

Since she doesn't get a 3 month Doctor's visit, I have no clue what Ladybug weighs, and don't you go suggesting I get on the scale with her... who the eff wants to stand on a scale?

Ladybug is growing like a weed, she loves nursing, and humming... at the same time. Kinda weird, but cute too. 

She is still laughing her head off, but sometimes, she laughs so hard that she does a cough, laugh, fart combo. 

It is so funny, and as endearing as it is, I am still hoping it is not a forever thing. 

Imagine being the girl that farted EVERY time she laughed?? Yikes.

She also just got ticklish last week, and goes nuts when you touch her arm pits.

She;s pretty solid on the holding her head up thing, and loves mobiles of all kinds. 

Thank you Tar-Jay for hanging things on the ceiling, because that is the only store she will shop in as a result. The girl hates shopping.

She smiles and laughs the second she hears her brother's voice in the morning, and is all about the "ooowwwww," and the "oooohhhhh," talking in the morning. 

I think it is impossible not to smile when you hear a baby talk. Impossible. 

Ladybug comes to the gym with me every so often and sleeps soundly in her stroller in the corner while the music blares and people drop weights, and curse, and pant through the workouts. 

She is totally at home there and doesn't even notice the noise.

Lovebug says her name kinda funny, I cant put my finger on why it sounds weird coming out of his mouth, but it does.

"Bay-core"... or something like that-- a definitive two syllable name.

I woke Ladybug up early the other day to take her 3 month pictures and ended up hating the way the blanket I chose looked. So... I changed her, and started again. 

See, look?? Nineteen pictures that are semi-blurry and not very vibrant. 


Well, at least she'll be prepared for when Tyra Banks comes a callin'!


Happy Sunday!

And now, I interrupt these pictures of our lazy Sunday walk around the block, to bring a very sincere message to my little family;
(Thanks Adam Sandler, for letting me change your lyrics as I see fit)

Nothing like Football Sunday to make you appreciate the finer things in life... wings, blankets, and being together.


The 25th Hour

We have been busy as Hell around here lately.

But you already knew that didn't you?

Why else would I not be blogging regularly, and waiting until 11:59 to post?

Seriously, shit has been crayyy-zay in our house.

In a good way. Good crazy. Think Ty Pennington, not Courtney Love.

I once read that Kate Gosselin rises before her family and stays up for hours after them. I thought she was bat shit crazy, and then I started having nightmares about losing my children to the piles of laundry in my house.

So, I've been rising with the birds, and going to bed well past midnight.

And, Ladybug has decided that 5 am is hysterical.

See these poor quality pictures?

They're the best I could get at 5 am.

Ladybug and her one baby comedy routine, laughing her freaking head off.

How could I possibly sleep through this?

I cant, I cant miss these moments, no way... sleep can wait.

What else has been keeping us busy??

We've been working in the playroom, and finishing up Ladybug's nursery (not done yet... sorry folks). 

I even started cooking dinner again. Only took me 3 months.

When Lovebug started yelling, "Pizza's here"... every single time the doorbell rang, I figured it was time to break out the pots and pans again.

Which is fine, except it is cutting into my blogging time. Stupid family needing to eat.

Bear with me folks, I am working on implementing a 25th hour into the day. I even asked those Occupy Wall Street folks to start chanting, "Give us another hour! Give us another hour!"

I wont hold my breathe, but if a 25th hour pops up in the day, you'll know who to thank.


Wordy Wednesday: Wings

I hate juice boxes.

Speaking strictly as the mother of a toddler I mean.

What did juice boxes ever do to me? 

Well, when I hand that little liquid filled piece of cardboard to Lovebug, begging and pleading, 
"Don't Squeeze It! Don't Squeeze It!"... it instantly becomes a freaking mess everywhere. 

No matter how many times I beg him not to, Lovebug's little love hands squeeze the shit out of that box like it is filled with lollipops and Santa Clause. 

Enter my friend, the genius. 

She isn't really a genius, she is actually a Children's Eye Doctor; but she is pretty damn smart all the same. 

She taught me a little nugget of clever-ness that has changed our lives, and she calls it, "wings,".

As soon as I started pulling the corners off our juice boxes to create "wings," for Lovebug to hold, our lives changed. 
And the condition of our carpets did too, for that matter.

Wings/handlebars for a juice box are a total no brainer, it makes complete sense.

So much so, that I wonder why they aren't just made with wings to begin with??

Only a woman could come up with something so smart, so simple, so... "duh, why didn't I think of that?"

Got any genius tips of your own?? 

Please tell me... Knowledge is better when shared.

"Let me be, Woman."


Stolen Moments

Ladybug has been waking up about a half hour before Lovebug lately, and I've been taking her downstairs, just the two of us, and listening to her babble away while the men sleep.

It is quiet, and calm. It is a tiny nugget of peaceful-ness in my otherwise chaotic day.

She is so happy and fun for those 30 minutes that I feel like I am doing something wrong keeping it all to myself.

This particular morning, I turned some music on real low, and let the baby babble real high. We played quietly, as I sang, and she laughed.

These moments are so rare, and so special to me.

I noticed that Ladybug is blessed to smile with her eyes.

My father does this, and so does hers.

Not everyone has that God given twinkle, but Ladybug, she's got it.

Tyra Banks talks a lot about "smiling with your eyes," on her modeling shows that are only addicting in Marathon form.

I think she calls them "Smize,"... smile with your eyes, "smize".

Ladybug does that.

Her eyes glisten and sparkle, even when the rest of her face is calm, you can tell in her eyes she is happy.

From the looks of it, she loved having quiet time as much as I did; can this girl "smize" or what?!

Eat your heart out Tyra.

And because I felt so guilty about keeping all the babble to myself today, I saved some for all of you...


Living Up to His Name

Lovebug is officially over the hump.

The "When is Ladybug's Mom going to pick her up and take her home," hump that is.

To be fair, Lovebug has always been crazy about his sister, and just took his adjustment issues out on Husband and I.

I am scared to even type this.

I am looking over my shoulder and expecting lightning to strike my house for even thinking this out loud and putting it online for the world to see; but I have to give credit where credit is due... and Lovebug is back to his lovable self.

Oh he is loud, and he gets his "Time Outs,", and is fresh like a two year old is supposed to be... but he is also sleeping like a champ, and loving on his sister, Father, and I, like crazy.

He is no longer begging and screaming for our attention (at least, not 24 hours a day anymore), he is sneaking up behind me and putting his hand in mine.

He is whispering, "I yuv you," in my ear and dropping his toys when his eye catches me, running across the room, and planting a wet one right on my lips.

I was so scared that Lovebug would never forgive me for having Ladybug, would never go back to his normal love-able self and would forever be a little angry at his sister for stealing his family.

But, just like everyone said he would, he got over it, he adjusted, he made room, and is happy as can be.

Do you ever think, these moments will never happen again??

When you have kids, time seems to move so fast. I often think to myself, if only I could keep them small and tiny, and excited to see me/hug me/kiss me everyday for the rest of their lives... if only.

I wonder... at what point will he not throw his train over his shoulder, and run at me full speed ahead for a hug the second I walk in the door.

I pray it is not for a long, long time.

I also pray he will start dropping the train nicely on the floor, so it wont hit his sister.

Two year olds are such special little people.

The world is a big, chaotic, fun place for them.

Everything is new, and exciting. Everywhere you look is something else to be in awe of, to point at, to sing about... and sometimes, to wear...

Look how he came downstairs this morning when he woke up??

Two different boots (one his, one Husband's), a big t-shirt, no pants (of course), a "farmer" hat, and a "knight" hat... he is growing and changing everyday, so fast I cant even keep up.

But at least for today, he is happiest being a little nutty.

And... a little cuddly.


The Confession & The Nursery

I confess... Ladybug still sleeps in our room.

Gahh I know it is bad, I know she needs her own space and her own everything, but she is just so damn snugly and cute, I don't want her to go!

I am happy to wake up in the middle of the night and get her all to myself. She is so sweet when she nurses and just cuddles up, the noises she makes and her little sighs.... I cant help it, I love to be near her!

Lovebug stopped sleeping in his cradle at 10 weeks, and Ladybug is now almost 12 weeks, and still sleepin' it up in our room. She is so big now that when she sleeps she sometimes flails her arms and hits the sides of the cradle, poor little Ladybug arms... oh well, she'll get over it.

Luckily for Ladybug, and her arms, I really like to decorate and work on projects, so once Ladybug's nursery is officially complete, I will have no excuse left, and she will have to have her own room. I am sad, and her arm's are probably happy.

Here's a sneak peak of what's to come... hoping to post pictures of Ladybug's nursery next week!

Happy Friday!

Have a great weekend!


Not So Wordless Wednesday

The older Lovebug gets, the harder it is for me to keep Wednesday "Wordless".

If you ask me, a picture like this:

Needs an explanation.

Now it's not a good explanation, but it's an explanation all the same... so keep that in mind.

Lovebug found a piece to my breast pump and immediately claimed it as his horn.

When I try to take it from him, he tells me he is, "No Mom, I'm in the band! I'm in the band!"

Add to the breast pump/horn; a cheap-o $1 "knight" hat, a "watch" made out of a sheet fastener, and a bare booty... and you've got yourself a pretty happy two year old.


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