Witch Hollow

Given the opportunity, I can waste time like the best of them. However, with two little ones, a Husband, a house, a life(!)... who has the time??

My mother, that's who.

She has the time to waste and let me tell you, she is good at it.

She makes it an art.

Wait, I take that back.

She uses her time to work on her art. (How's that Mom?? Better??)

Anyway, around this time of year, she uses her time/art to make witches. And she is pretty damn good at it.

So good in fact, that her 2010 witch was featured in the local newspaper. Cars slow, stop, and park on the street in front of her house to check out the witches. Husband and I have been on the waiting list to get a witch of our own for 5 years... stilllll waittting (hint, hint).

If she had a Pintrest account (she has no idea what I am talking about), people would be pinning the crap outta these witches.

I'm not really sure exactly how she does it, but I know it involves chicken wire, Good Will, and some straight pins. The rest of it is lost on me, but I am happy to sit back and admire her work.

Don't mind the chains and plywood their attached to; My mom likes to really piss off the neighborhood kids when they try to steal her witches every year. This year chains and plywood, next year hammer slingshots!!

And of course, stick horse made an appearance.

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  1. OMH that's amazing {in a strange and fascinatingly creative kinda way}. I can't believe she did all that, haha... and here I thought I was being festive by putting out a pumpkin and three strands of straw. lol


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