Two Months

Ladybug turned the big 2 months on Sunday... I know, where does the time go??

She went from this:

To this:

In a month. Insane, she like exploded.

Last month she weighed 9 lbs 8 ozs, and measured in at 22 1/4  inches long.

This month she tipped the scale at a whopping 12 lbs 11 ozs, and is 23 1/2 inches long.

Wow, talk about a growth spurt.

Ladybug is already laughing and smiling.

The doctor was just telling me that babies usually don't laugh until around 4 months when she put her stethoscope on Ladybug's heart to take a listen. And that was the moment that Ladybug lost her mind and laughed her tiny butt off.

She thought that stethoscope was the funniest thing she ever saw in her life.

The doctor couldn't even hear her heart she was laughing so hard.

It was classic, and I didn't even have to get all, "Well... I think my baby is ahead of the curve and laughs already..."

Nope, Ladybug just busted out laughing in the Doctor's face like, "Whaaat?? Lady, I am a laugh-er, laugh, laugh, laugh... that's what I do!"

"This hat is so stupid it's cute. Stupid-cute Mom."

It was adorable, and something I will never forget.

Ladybug also started doing the normal baby, "I will pull your hair out of your head if you get too close, Beyotch," thing. She continues to eat like a starved mule and loves, loves, loves her brother.

The other day Ladybug and I had a Mommy / Daughter day out and were away from Husband and Lovebug for 6 hours, the longest to date that the two kids have been apart. Ladybug, who is not usually fussy, was kind of "off" all afternoon.

When we got home, she was mid-cry when she heard her brother doing his yelling / playing / singing / laughing thang and immediately smiled and laughed.

She missed him. That's what she wanted, her brother.

I imagine that in years to come he will torment the shit out of her, and this may be the very last time she ever misses him. So I had to snap some crappy cell phone pics to capture all the love everyone was feeling.

"You don't mind if I try to pull your head off, do you?"

Now, at what month can I expect them to take a good picture together??

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  1. Look at that smile, I can't believe it. She's gotten so big!!! It's that big brother love :)


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