Bye Bye Crossfit?

If you've been reading for awhile, this title probably shocked you like... "What the eff, I thought Crossfit was her friggin' religion?"

Well, I do love it... but apparently you don't.

And by "you," I mean... my readers.

See those little tab jobbies up at the top of my blog? The ones that say, "About Us, Blog Love, Birth Stories..."

 Well, apparently no one gives a crap about Crossfit. At least, that's what my Blog Stats tell me. In fact, the "About Us," section has been read over 1,500 times since I launched in 6 weeks ago. The "Crossfit" section?? Less than 200.

So, I'm gonna squash the Crossfit section, leave the Gym talk at the Gym, so to speak. Every once in awhile I am sure I will let some shop talk slip into some kid talk, but clearly, you people are way more interested in our family antics than our pull ups.

Which is awesome, because the amount of kid chaos we have goin' on, seriously outweighs our Gym chaos.

Alright, so what does this mean for you? Not too much actually, except for the chance to weigh in on what should take it's place.

I'm thinking, "Bugisms,".... a section just for the ridiculous shit that Lovebug says everyday.

Like when he said, "Let's go Team!" to me yesterday as we were emptying the dishwasher. Or this morning, when he called me by my first name and said, "you have no idea what you're talking about".

Anyone want more "Bugisms" in their life??


  1. Don't think I'm nuts for commenting on so many posts :) your blog is one of the few I follow and I'm really enjoying it! I love the bugisms idea. Your gym posts were good but they pretty much made me feel like a big fat lazy ass! Bring on the bugisms!

  2. I love the gym posts. I need all the motivation I can get!


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