Giveaway Winner!!

So... this is all I have for a Halloween picture until my BFF uploads the nineteen billion she took, but I couldn't wait to show you all how cute our little chicken and peas were.

And.. because we live in an area affected by the freak October Nor'Easter, we get to have Halloween again on Saturday! Whoot, whoot! I am already thinking about hitting up the sales tomorrow and getting Lovebug a Round 2 costume, just cause I loved this first costume so much.

Anyway, onto the goods.

Tonight, we pulled a name out of a pumpkin....

Congratulations and I hope you and your son love the plates, and use them for years to come!

Happy Halloween!

I had every intention of showing you all how we decorated our home for Halloween today... and then we got hit with a freak 20+ inches of snow this weekend.

We have no power (brrr) and my beautiful mum, pumpkin, corn stalk combo on the front porch is officially a snowy disaster. This snow is wet folks, great for snow men, not great for sledding... you know the kind, right??

Anyway, we were snowed in with both of my sisters, a friend, and the Bugs this weekend. Which means our house is trashed. The kind of mess that only a two year old and 5 bored adults could make with no power.

To make matters worse, we hosted a Halloween party on Friday night, so we were still cleaning up beer bottles and pizza boxes when we got slammed with 20+ inches of snow and no power.

Our party was actually a 90's themed Halloween party. It was so funny to see what people came up with, and remembered. Take a look:

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Garth, Wayne's World

Me as the Blind Melon Bee Girl, Ladybug as herself

Wild Thing, Major League

Wayne, Wayne's World

Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction

Garth and his wife, Miss Nineties America... she actually still owns all of this stuff

4/5 Spice Girls, and a poster belonging to Miss Nineties America

Random Nineties Crap

More Nineties Nonsense

Tonight the kids are trick or treating at Hunny and Pop Pop's, even though the Mayor officially "canceled" Halloween due to the snow.

Is there such a thing as a Halloween grinch??

PS. Have you checked www.google.com today? They have an awesome video of pumpkin carving on the homepage!!



Having a potty trained two year old boy is a beautiful thing.

Especially because it means I don't have to buy diapers for both Bugs, which would equal a car payment at the end of the month... on a Lexus.

We used the naked method for potty training. We stripped Lovebug down 5 months ago and said, "No more diapers during the day," and that was that.

Problem is: when we are at home, he still has no desire to wear clothes. Every morning I get him dressed, and somehow, one way or another, he ends up naked.

The other day I walk outside to get the mail. Lovebug stands at the front door waiting for me.

He is yelling to me as I walk the 30 yards to the road.

"Mom! Where are you going?! Mom, you're not gonna leave! Mom, do you hear me? Mom! I'm at the door! I'm waiting for you! Mom!"

Seriously, I have no idea where the kid gets the energy. I get the mail and head back towards the house, I look up to see Lovebug has pushed opened the screen door, and is standing on the WELCOME mat... peeing.

"I'm goin' pee Mom!"

I am not sure what this kid is drinking, but apparently this pee stain is permanent.

At least it wasn't on the rug??

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Wordless Wednesday

Ladybug always seems to be laughing...

I'm not sure, but it might have something to do with her brother's new choice of hat;
Which he insists on wearing everywhere we go.
No big deal, "There goes my kid in his tupperware hat again".

Oh Christmas Tree & My First Ever Giveaway!

While playing at Hunny and Pop Pop's this weekend, one of Lovebug's aunts brought out a teeny tiny Christmas tree. And then this happened:

Could you just die? The kid is so excited about this $6 CVS Christmas Tree.

What the video doesn't show, is that we sang this song 17 times, while Lovebug played conductor over, and over, and over again.

"Again! Again! Sing it with me now!"

I am seriously considering putting up our Christmas tree today, just to see that magic in his eyes everyday.

Speaking of Christmas, it is only 59 days away (my sister actually has the Christmas Countdown app that tells her everyday to get ready for Christmas).

Knowing that Christmas is less than 60 days away has seriously put me in a giving mood, and so, I am proud to announce my first ever giveaway!

What's at stake??

This super cute plate / cup / bowl combo for Santa; personalized just for you!

These plates, made by my dear friend Crafty Box Lady, can look anyway you like; add a polka dot, a snow man, a Christmas tree. If you want the plate to say The Hanukkah Armadillo was here, she can do that too!

Give them as a gift, keep them for yourself... you get the idea.

Okay, so how do you win, you ask??

Giveaway Rules: You must be a follower of Our Tiny Place.

Once you become a follower, please leave a comment below telling me what the best Christmas present you ever received was!

After you comment, you are officially entered in the giveaway.

The winner will be chosen randomly by Lovebug; who will pull a name out of a hat next Monday (Halloween)!

Crafty Box Lady, who is now also known as Crafty Plate Lady, is also offering a 10% discount on these plate sets just for Our Tiny Place followers.

The entire customized set sells for $30, which includes shipping; so just for being a follower, you get the whole she-bang  personalized and delivered for $27.

So if you don't win, you still win. Boo-yah.

**Feel free to contact Crafty Box/Plate Lady directly here


The Perfect Cookie

In my kitchen. Made by... drum roll please... me.

Because I am obsessed with home made cookies, and I am terrible at making them, I decided to put myself through cookie boot camp. Which basically means, google the Perfect Cookie, make it, and eat it.

Tough boot camp, I know.

I love Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies, and was not about to mess with the perfection of their recipe, but googled around for "Tips" on making the perfect cookie.

I found it, but unfortunately I cant tell you where because I literally looked at 20 websites for the secret behind the gooey goodness that I have failed so miserably at for years.

Anyway, I made my usual Tollhouse recipe, except this time, I had no chocolate chips. So, I made the dough, and followed the secret coveted tip I found online.

It is really complicated. Are you ready??

Put it in the fridge. That's it.

Put the dough in the fridge for a day or so, give or take.

For some reason dough that has "sat" for 24 or so hours in the fridge cooks and rises better.

I put mine in a ziploc bag, I am sure you could just throw it in there in  the bowl.

When I pulled my dough out, I added the chocolate chips I had bought during my day-dough-layover.

I mixed it all up, and cooked them at 325. This is a lower temp than Tollhouse recommends (375) but I just couldn't imagine cold dough doing well in such a hot oven.

I also used my friend's secret trick of scooping the dough onto the pan with an ice cream scooper for extra roundness and umph.

You'd think I'd be a master baker with all these freaking tips.

Next week I'll be telling you to stand on your head and sing, "The Macarena," while you stir the ingredients.

The verdict??

Husband said, unequivocally, they were the best cookies he has ever had. In His Life.

That is a serious statement coming from an Italian boy.

My life is now complete.

Great Husband, beautiful home, one son, one daughter... and one plate of perfectly made chocolate chip cookies, by me.

If they never come out good again, I will know, and you will know, that just once... I did everything right. Down to eating every last one, hot out of the oven, with Husband and Lovebug by my side.


Date Night

Saturday night husband and I went out; alone.
Without any kids.
And I did my hair.

Yeh, I got crazy like that.

We went to our friend's wedding, so not only were our kids not there, but I also put on a dress, heels, and makeup. Faanncy.

This was our first post baby night out, just Husband and I.

Lovebug stayed with Hunny and Pop Pop, while Ladybug stayed at a hotel near the wedding with Short Sis.

My children not only spent the night under different roofs, but in different STATES.

I have a heart attack every time I even think about it.

There were so many miles and highways between us, I about died.

I hate, hate, hate being away from my children. I hated knowing they were apart even more; but the two of them together is too much to ask of anyone, and Ladybug is still such a little peanut, she def still needs her Mama close by.

Excuses aside, I just about had a stroke leaving her for the first time. I may have also had an asthma attack leaving Lovebug and driving 150 miles South without him (sidenote: I do not have asthma). As much as I would love an afternoon to myself, a weekend is too much.

Call me crazy, I like to be near our kids. Although sometimes,  I would like to crawl into a hole and hide from them, I would still like them to be close enough to the hole that I know where they are.

 I talked about them all night long. And showed their pictures and videos to everyone.

I was that person, that Mom. But it's okay, because Husband was that guy, he was that Dad. We are just proud freaking parents, what can I say?

It's been ages since Husband and I have gotten all pretty, danced, and done something just the two of us. We had a fantastic time, and seriously laughed our heads off multiple times through out the night.

We were so proud to stand together as people who knew us when we first met 17 years ago asked about our little life. It was great to be out on our own, but at the end of the day, home is where I'd rather be.

I missed this guy.

And this girl. (Sidenote: another stupid cute hat, so stupid it's cute.)

They are growing so fast, I cant stand it.

Pretty soon the books wont rest on his feet anymore; they'll rest on his knees, and then thighs, and then desk, and then dorm room bunk bed.

What I'm trying to say is: Husband, if you're reading this, no more date nights until they go to College... I cant stand to miss a thing.


Lovebug Sleep Update

So, I guess I kinda left you all hanging on the whole Lovebug sleep debacle. I have gotten quite a few emails from readers asking what the latest is at Mommy Sleep Bootcamp, but I didn't want to jinx anything by writing too soon.

First of all, let me state for the record that though the Doctor specifically said to me,"Try bribery," it did not work for us.

Even though I took him to the Fire Department and immediately threw the fireman under the bus, "Lovebug, the fireman takes naps, and goes right to sleep at night... don't you Mr. Fireman?"

The guy was like what the hell lady, I'm just here to show him the truck...

He climbed up and down four fire trucks, met a fireman, and touched every tire in the whole building... but still did not sleep that night.

So, then we bought the ladybug night light that so many of our friends recommended.

And a new gate for Lovebug's door so he would stop going Chuck Norris style on the poor old wood one we had.

And then, we let him scream.

And it worked.

The combo of the three put together was just enough.

It totally says, we care about your fears (ladybug night light), we want you safe (new gate), but will not put up with this bull shit forever (cry it out).

The ladybug night light is such an amazing creation that I want one for myself.

This little light show has only been a member of our little family for 10 days, but I know for certain that we cant survive without it. ever. again.

Crying it out lasted one afternoon, just one.

I am sure you remember the "If I cant come out of my room, I will take off my Pull-Up, and my socks, and scream my bloody head off until I pass out on the floor," day.

Lovebug is a fast learner, Thank God because I don't think I could have taken much more of Scream Fest 2011. Cry It Out is a tried and true method for  a reason. It worked when he was 8 months old, and it worked again now.

This whole process has made me a firm believer that as two year olds grow, change, and begin to test their independence, their routines may need to change a bit too.

Our bedtime routine is a slightly altered version from what it used to be.

A bigger/stronger gate for a bigger/stronger boy.

A night light to ease the fears of a child who is beginning to understand a little more about the world around him.

A no-nonsense approach to bedtime to reiterate the fact that contrary to popular belief,
we are in fact in charge around here.

For now anyway.

Yet Another Reason Not to Ignore Your Kids

You know how sometimes your two year old will say something, and you'll be like, "Yup, okay Bud..." even though you dont really understand what he was trying to say? But you agree anyway to make him happy avoid a melt down in public??

(Tell me I'm not the only one.)

This is kinda like that.

The other day I am getting the kids out of the house and Lovebug says to me, "Mom, you have a monster booty."


I mean, I know I've been eating a ton of cookies lately, but I am working out and nursing, you'd think the combo would prevent me having a ... monster booty?

I let it slide, he is two after all, and had no clue his comment had sent me to a mental Weight Loss Meeting in my head.

"Hi, I'm Mama Bug, and I have a monster booty."

Anyway, we get to the Playground, and I am putting Lovebug on the swing... "Mom, you have a monster booty."

Alright kid, for the love of all things cheesy and delicious, COME ON!

I don't want to be one of those Moms that's all, "I just had a baby," (I think some women hang onto that excuse until their kid graduates High School), but seriously, "I JUST HAD A BABY!"

Next stop, Tarjay... where Lovebug told me I had a "monster booty," in the frozen food section.

At this point I am planning to do sit ups and squats during nap time, and throw out every last chip, cookie, and stick of butter in my house.

My brain is adding and subtracting calories, factoring in breast feeding, walking to the mailbox... anything I can give myself credit for.

When we get finally home, I head straight for the full length mirror; and there it is; a Skeleton sticker stuck to my ass.

A monster booty.


Witch Hollow

Given the opportunity, I can waste time like the best of them. However, with two little ones, a Husband, a house, a life(!)... who has the time??

My mother, that's who.

She has the time to waste and let me tell you, she is good at it.

She makes it an art.

Wait, I take that back.

She uses her time to work on her art. (How's that Mom?? Better??)

Anyway, around this time of year, she uses her time/art to make witches. And she is pretty damn good at it.

So good in fact, that her 2010 witch was featured in the local newspaper. Cars slow, stop, and park on the street in front of her house to check out the witches. Husband and I have been on the waiting list to get a witch of our own for 5 years... stilllll waittting (hint, hint).

If she had a Pintrest account (she has no idea what I am talking about), people would be pinning the crap outta these witches.

I'm not really sure exactly how she does it, but I know it involves chicken wire, Good Will, and some straight pins. The rest of it is lost on me, but I am happy to sit back and admire her work.

Don't mind the chains and plywood their attached to; My mom likes to really piss off the neighborhood kids when they try to steal her witches every year. This year chains and plywood, next year hammer slingshots!!

And of course, stick horse made an appearance.


Wordless Wednesday

Riding his stick horse, take 1.

Riding his stick horse, take 2.

Walking the Reservoir with my dolls almost every day in the Fall.


Two Months

Ladybug turned the big 2 months on Sunday... I know, where does the time go??

She went from this:

To this:

In a month. Insane, she like exploded.

Last month she weighed 9 lbs 8 ozs, and measured in at 22 1/4  inches long.

This month she tipped the scale at a whopping 12 lbs 11 ozs, and is 23 1/2 inches long.

Wow, talk about a growth spurt.

Ladybug is already laughing and smiling.

The doctor was just telling me that babies usually don't laugh until around 4 months when she put her stethoscope on Ladybug's heart to take a listen. And that was the moment that Ladybug lost her mind and laughed her tiny butt off.

She thought that stethoscope was the funniest thing she ever saw in her life.

The doctor couldn't even hear her heart she was laughing so hard.

It was classic, and I didn't even have to get all, "Well... I think my baby is ahead of the curve and laughs already..."

Nope, Ladybug just busted out laughing in the Doctor's face like, "Whaaat?? Lady, I am a laugh-er, laugh, laugh, laugh... that's what I do!"

"This hat is so stupid it's cute. Stupid-cute Mom."

It was adorable, and something I will never forget.

Ladybug also started doing the normal baby, "I will pull your hair out of your head if you get too close, Beyotch," thing. She continues to eat like a starved mule and loves, loves, loves her brother.

The other day Ladybug and I had a Mommy / Daughter day out and were away from Husband and Lovebug for 6 hours, the longest to date that the two kids have been apart. Ladybug, who is not usually fussy, was kind of "off" all afternoon.

When we got home, she was mid-cry when she heard her brother doing his yelling / playing / singing / laughing thang and immediately smiled and laughed.

She missed him. That's what she wanted, her brother.

I imagine that in years to come he will torment the shit out of her, and this may be the very last time she ever misses him. So I had to snap some crappy cell phone pics to capture all the love everyone was feeling.

"You don't mind if I try to pull your head off, do you?"

Now, at what month can I expect them to take a good picture together??
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