A friend of mine has a cooking blog where she makes to die for yummies that make my mouth happy and my hips sad.

The other day she wrote a great blog and gave the Bugs and I a shout out... whoot! whoot!

I had harassed asked her to come up with an easy peasy (grapey?) snack for me to make for the Bug.

Her assignment?

Something quick, delicious, with not too many ingredients...oh yeh, and kid friendly, Mommy approved of course.

She nailed it. Seriously, this could not be any easier.

Get grapes. Put in plastic bag. Put in freezer. Eat. Done.

Pretty sure this kid's smile is proof of a job well done.

I have to admit, I was surprised that I liked these.

Frozen grapes taste just like Italian Ice.... who knew??

I have stolen some of our family favorite recipes from her blog (The Crockpot Oatmeal is amazeballs), and most of our cheat day foods are straight from the Jalapeno too (loooove these scones).

If you are like me, and love to cook, but kinda suck at it... do yourself a favor and check out A Healthy Jalapeno for some seriously yummy goodness.... Your mouth will thank you.


  1. You are the sweetest thing!!! I am so happy that you and Lovebug loved the grapes. They are my go-to snack especially in the summer plus they are really fun to eat (even for big kids like me).
    Thanks love :)
    Laura @ A Healthy Jalapeño

  2. PS: Could he be any cuter!!! So Handsome!


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