Sunday Funday On Thursday

Soo... Sunday was a long time ago and I am just getting around to blogging about this... I know I am a slacker.

Or maybe I just have two children who refuse to let me sleep and would rather their mother look like a crazy blood shot eyes, roots and crusty haired bag lady that sleeps under a bridge and has no time to blog, eat, or pee... pretty sure it's the second one.

Anyway, Sunday came and with it was a big gym event that we had planned on attending for months. When it came time to leave, we took a look at Lovebug, who gets literally no time with both Husband and I together and thought... screw the friggin' gym, let's go play.

And that we did.

The three of us four of us (woops, cant forget the ever sleeping Ladybug) hit up an athletic park down the road where they house dead construction vehicles. Who knows why someone chose this place as a bulldozer cemetery, but they did, and we are happy as hell about it.

So is this guy... who got to blow off some steam, play with Daddy, and be around some big trucks, all by himself.

Lovebug didn't scream, hit, yell, or cry once that day.

There was no signs of the separation anxiety that has been looming since Ladybug arrived home from the Hospital. We didn't have one tantrum, just kisses, and hugs, and football tosses in the front yard. It was a perfect day... now, if only I could get Husband to quit his job and do this all the time, well, at least until Lovebug turns three.

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