If the rain is my happy place, that would make today my Disney World.

It was raining harder than I've ever seen before; cats and dogs would be a major understatement.

Unfortunately, no amount of torrential downpouring could hold down my little Energizer Bunny Bug.

Lovebug wasn't feeling my whole, "Isn't it a good day for cookies, couch, movies, and blankets?"

He was all, "No Mom, let's go outside."

So, out we went.

Before you get all squishy faced and judge-y on me; it was nearly 70 degrees outside, so don't have a heart attack that he isn't wearing a rain coat. 

I tried.

He refused all forms of outerwear except this Elmo ski mask.

I choose to pick my battles, and this was not one of them.

We played hard for an hour; 60 minutes of running, jumping, and splashing our faces off.

Afterwards we had to peel our clothes off; we were sopping wet, soaked to the core. We did eventually end up on the couch, with movies, and blankets, just like I had hoped.

Years from now, I wont remember that later that day he had a meltdown before bed. That he hit his sister and dumped all the sand from his sandbox on the deck. I wont remember that he jumped on the cat's tail, and tried to ride her like a horse naked, again... and yelled at me when I pulled him off her, again.

But this?

This I'll remember forever.

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  1. This has inspired me. Love it! Will do this one day :)


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