One Month

Ladybug hit the big 1 month mark last week, and has officially started babbling... LOOOVE IT.

I am obsessed with baby babble. How could anyone not love those little coos and aaaahhhs... they kill me, they are the best sound ever.

At 1 month, Ladybug is almost 10 lbs. She is sleeping four hour stretches at night and is getting better with the whole nocturnal bidness.

She hates shopping and promptly screams her friggin' head off the second I walk into a store. I am pretty sure Husband puts her up to it.

She loves her brother, who calls her, "His Friend," and will stare and make eye contact for hours... or until she goes cross eyed, whichever happens first.

She gulps when she nurses like she hasn't drank in hours. She is off all medication for our boobie / mouth problems, loves to be worn in the Ergo, and hates to sit in the baby carrier unless we are moving.

She still squeaks and sighs like such a girly girl, and grunts loud when there is a burp stuck in her belly. She farts like a truck driver and I swear she belches like that guy from the Simpson's whose lips quiver when he burps.

She is so calm, and only cries when we go shopping, or when she gets her diaper changed. She loves to be sang to, to be held on our shoulders, and snuggled extra tight.

She is starting to look like a human and not a newborn anymore, her eyes are still muddy with no real color, and bets are still on for who she will look like.

Time is flying and I want to freeze it while she is a young, cuddly doll... before she becomes a 15 year old, who wears sweats that say, "Juicy" on the butt.

God help us if she becomes the daughter I deserve.

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