Muscles Missing

I swear I used to have muscles. Lots of them.

I mean, I wasn't like The Incredible Hulk or anything, but you could more or less tell I spent a good part of my week in the gym.

I was kinda blessed with good belly genes, (not to be confused with low cut jeans that show your belly) and strong legs; but it took me years and years to see definition in my arms.


I have been doing the, "skinny arm," pose in pictures since I was 7 years old. I am pretty sure I invented it actually.

My arms even stayed semi-defined throughout my whole pregnancy with Ladybug.
I was impressed with their ability to not suck for once, and vowed to stop talking smack about them for life.

Orrr... until now, when i am 5 weeks postpartum and my arms have gone to mush.

Along with my legs, belly, and ass.

What the eff, body? Seriously, what the eff is your problem?

After all I do for you? All the water I drink, all the vitamins I take, all the junk food I put in you??
Woops... scratch that last one, that's not right.

I am hoping to be cleared for the gym one week from today, which means I have 7 more days to eat garbage, and complain about being mushy. Seven days from today I will be back at it in the gym.

 Which means eight days from today I can expect my muscles to be cut, and my ass to be back up where it belongs.... right???

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