The Man

I'm not actually sure who, "The Man," is... but Lovebug is scared as Hell of him.

Let me explain.

When we went to Big Wheels Day in the park (see some pics of that here), Lovebug was surprisingly petrified of the fireman (who was super nice).

That weekend, Lovebug kept having meltdown after meltdown, and we kept telling him, "The fireman says you've gotta be cool and calm".

And for some reason, that, amongst the seventy fafillion other things we told him, stood out, and worked.

So for that week, it was the fireman, "cool and calm," bidness that would stop him in his tracks and get him to behave.

This week, it's any old man...not like a senior citizen, like just any guy, any man. It's pretty awesome.

If we're at the Grocery Store and Lovebug starts doing his two year old thang that they do (uggh), I can simply point at the deli man...

"The man doesn't like when you do that, he is going to yell at Mommy,"... and Lovebug is suddenly an angel child.

Thank you deli man.

This whole, "The Man," thing is kinda weird, and maybe even a little worrisome that Lovebug is so scared of whomever, "The Man," is... but it seems to be working.

And because I have decided that two year olds are pretty much sweet, scary, bi-polar, little nuggets, I'll take it.

Don't judge me.

Lovebug riding his rocking horse

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  1. This is fully in line with my general parenting philosophy which is, "do whatcha gotta do."


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