It's Multiplying

Do swing sets breed?
In our yard... sadly, yes.

Remember when someone gave us a used swing set with no directions?? And we had friends drive from Rhode Island to help us put it together??

Welll... that was three months ago, and the pile of fire wood is still sitting disassembled in our backyard... A big friggin' woody, pain in the ass mess.

Said mess has looked like this since May.

I have long since given up begging Husband to work on it.

Lovebug literally almost breaks my heart when he tells people, "My swing set is almost done!" He's been using that same sorry line for 8 weeks sadly, and I was just going to let him keep on using it, when our neighbor offered us HIS old swing set.

Yup, that equals two old swing sets, for free.

The second one beats out the first because it is actually a built swing set, but, the quality is pretty crappy and it's kind of small. It's old and the slide is dirty and the swings are rusty, but when Lovebug saw this old busted swing set set up in our backyard, you woulda thought someone gave him a dump truck with a puppy and a pizza in it.

The kid was in Heaven.
So, even though the P.O.S. swing sets of the world are multiplying and dying in our yard;  it's worth it to be the weird people with one busted swing set, and one pile of fire wood swing set, to see Lovebug and hear him squeal in little kid swing delight.

Husband, if you are reading this... that DOES not mean you can accept anymore dying swingsets... two is enough.

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