Back At It

Ladybug hit the big 6 week mark Tuesday morning. 

At exactly 8:37 am she became 42 days old.

Which means I had officially earned the right to go back to the gym.

Which is where I was at 9:30 am.

I didn't waste any time, right??

It felt weird to put on my gym clothes, and squeeze my mammoth breast feeding tatas into a sports bra, (Sidenote: ouch).

The workout was not intense by normal Crossfit standards, but for someone who just had their intestines moved around for a C-section; it was a killer.

I was surprised at my ability to keep up during the warm up, and had it stopped there, I woulda totally chest bumped myself, like, "Whoot, you go girl!".

But.... after the warm up comes the workout; which beat. my. ass.

My poor legs and mushy arms were wobbling all over the place.

I told myself I'd go everyday until it got easier, and I had every intention of doing so... until I couldn't get the frig outta bed this morning because every single inch of me felt like it had been put through a meat grinder.

So, I had some chocolate chip pancakes instead.

It's okay, they were so good that I was sweating.

That counts as working out, right??

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