If the rain is my happy place, that would make today my Disney World.

It was raining harder than I've ever seen before; cats and dogs would be a major understatement.

Unfortunately, no amount of torrential downpouring could hold down my little Energizer Bunny Bug.

Lovebug wasn't feeling my whole, "Isn't it a good day for cookies, couch, movies, and blankets?"

He was all, "No Mom, let's go outside."

So, out we went.

Before you get all squishy faced and judge-y on me; it was nearly 70 degrees outside, so don't have a heart attack that he isn't wearing a rain coat. 

I tried.

He refused all forms of outerwear except this Elmo ski mask.

I choose to pick my battles, and this was not one of them.

We played hard for an hour; 60 minutes of running, jumping, and splashing our faces off.

Afterwards we had to peel our clothes off; we were sopping wet, soaked to the core. We did eventually end up on the couch, with movies, and blankets, just like I had hoped.

Years from now, I wont remember that later that day he had a meltdown before bed. That he hit his sister and dumped all the sand from his sandbox on the deck. I wont remember that he jumped on the cat's tail, and tried to ride her like a horse naked, again... and yelled at me when I pulled him off her, again.

But this?

This I'll remember forever.


The Man

I'm not actually sure who, "The Man," is... but Lovebug is scared as Hell of him.

Let me explain.

When we went to Big Wheels Day in the park (see some pics of that here), Lovebug was surprisingly petrified of the fireman (who was super nice).

That weekend, Lovebug kept having meltdown after meltdown, and we kept telling him, "The fireman says you've gotta be cool and calm".

And for some reason, that, amongst the seventy fafillion other things we told him, stood out, and worked.

So for that week, it was the fireman, "cool and calm," bidness that would stop him in his tracks and get him to behave.

This week, it's any old man...not like a senior citizen, like just any guy, any man. It's pretty awesome.

If we're at the Grocery Store and Lovebug starts doing his two year old thang that they do (uggh), I can simply point at the deli man...

"The man doesn't like when you do that, he is going to yell at Mommy,"... and Lovebug is suddenly an angel child.

Thank you deli man.

This whole, "The Man," thing is kinda weird, and maybe even a little worrisome that Lovebug is so scared of whomever, "The Man," is... but it seems to be working.

And because I have decided that two year olds are pretty much sweet, scary, bi-polar, little nuggets, I'll take it.

Don't judge me.

Lovebug riding his rocking horse


Back At It

Ladybug hit the big 6 week mark Tuesday morning. 

At exactly 8:37 am she became 42 days old.

Which means I had officially earned the right to go back to the gym.

Which is where I was at 9:30 am.

I didn't waste any time, right??

It felt weird to put on my gym clothes, and squeeze my mammoth breast feeding tatas into a sports bra, (Sidenote: ouch).

The workout was not intense by normal Crossfit standards, but for someone who just had their intestines moved around for a C-section; it was a killer.

I was surprised at my ability to keep up during the warm up, and had it stopped there, I woulda totally chest bumped myself, like, "Whoot, you go girl!".

But.... after the warm up comes the workout; which beat. my. ass.

My poor legs and mushy arms were wobbling all over the place.

I told myself I'd go everyday until it got easier, and I had every intention of doing so... until I couldn't get the frig outta bed this morning because every single inch of me felt like it had been put through a meat grinder.

So, I had some chocolate chip pancakes instead.

It's okay, they were so good that I was sweating.

That counts as working out, right??

Wordless Wednesday


Daily Heart Attack

While driving out of our neighborhood with the Bugs this morning:

Lovebug: "Mommy, where is Ladybug?"

I slam on the brakes, nearly launching myself through the windshield. I legit slammed on those puppies, a missing 6 week old is nothing to tap the brakes about.


Did I leave a kid somewhere??

I turn around, tasting throw up in my mouth, hearing sirens in the distance.

They're coming for me.. to take me to jail.. for leaving my kid somewhere... but where, oh God where the Hell did I leave my kid.

All of this is going on in my head as I am turning, throwing, launching my body into the back seat (I am a fast thinker).

And there she was.

Sitting in her car seat, sleeping with her arms in the air, like, "What up, yo?"

I turned my head to look at Lovebug... who was smirking at me, like... "Gotcha!"

He even giggled hysterically, and pointed for good measure.

I gave myself props for not killing him, and for instead laughing that my two year old son is officially a wise guy. Yay!

Here's hoping I never really leave a kid anywhere... not on purpose anyway.



Lovebug has a real, legit drum set.

Who the hell buys a two year old a drum set? My sister, and her friend, that's who. The two of them, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, think Lovebug is on his way to being the next Justin Beiber.

We appreciate the encouragement, the generosity, and the support, just wish the damn drum set could live somewhere else. Like in another house, in another town, in another state... for example.

Seriously, why not just buy him a puppy??

(That was a joke!)

Anyway, the whole toddler, infant combo is hard enough without adding some snare and cymbals to the mix.

I really don't like to tell Lovebug he cant do things because of Ladybug, so this weekend, I let him do this.

And you know what I learned??

Drums are not nearly as loud outside, as they are inside.

Lovebug is actually not half bad.

Our neighbors did not care one bit.

Fast forward to this morning at 6 am when he wanted to go back out and beat the hell out of those drums in the middle of our yard, and I had visions of people egging our house.

I think we'll keep it a day time activity for now... that's what Justin Beiber's parents would do, right?


Lovebug knows how to use my cell phone. For real.

It is a touch screen and he knows how to move the screen back and forth to find the movies he wants to watch on YouTube.

I know.

That is insane.

Especially because, we do a lot more than watch YouTube on my phone all day.

He just picked it up like, "I use the phone now... I'm two fingers old."

Anyway, every once in awhile my looney tunes mother will say something about how plugged in we all are... not our family, like, the world.

And you know what?

She's right.

Nine out of ten times this bothers me, and weirds me out. I think it is dumb when people "check" themselves into a restaurant on a date with their wife... isn't anything private any more? Cant we do anything without looking for attention from others while we do it?

I just don't get it. There is a fine line I think, between Technology that opens us up to the world in the wrong way... and the kind that opens us up in the right way.

Like this.

Lovebug "face timing" with his Uncle in another state (his Aunt was there too, but her head probably didn't fit in the shot with that weird huge hat).

It was like a mini play date, he talked about it for the rest of the day.

They showed him toys, gave him a tour of the house (which he has seen a billion times, but never through a phone)... he loved it.

It was like all being together, on a random Sunday night... something we never get to do.

It was awesome.


More Yummies

Since I have already publicly proclaimed that I am kind of a sucky cook, I am not shy to further admit that when we want goodies, we ask our friend Lulu to make them for us.

Basically, the long and short of it is that all I do is waste ingredients.

My chocolate chip cookies always resemble communion, I don't know why they are so friggin' flat all the time... but they are.

I am more of a, "Make the batter and eat it," girl... not the whole, "see it to fruition" type.

Which is probably where my problem lies... if I'd just stop munching away on raw eggs, maybe my baking wouldn't be so shoddy??

Anyway, like all kids, Lovebug loves himself some good old fashioned sinful treats.

Lulu loves Lovebug, and loves to bake. Which is good, because she knows I am not exactly Betty Crocker.

When she stumbled upon these adorable Sesame Street inspired cupcakes, she didn't hestitate to whip them up for me Lovebug.

Aren't they the cutest??

She even made Cookie Monster's fur look furry... she kills me.

You'll have to take my word for it, but the frosting she homemade (I know) was amazing.

So, since I am always looking out for my readers (fist bump to my peeps, yo), I held her down and made her give me the recipe. Okay, I just asked her nicely, and she recited it from memory (I know).

Cream Cheese Frosting

Beat together:
2 sticks of butter
2 packages of cream cheese
1 teaspoon of vanilla
Slowly mix in
4 cups of confectioners sugar


Daily Disaster

Today I am voting myself Mother of The Year because .............

I nursed Ladybug to sleep, and then dropped my cellphone on top of her.




A friend of mine has a cooking blog where she makes to die for yummies that make my mouth happy and my hips sad.

The other day she wrote a great blog and gave the Bugs and I a shout out... whoot! whoot!

I had harassed asked her to come up with an easy peasy (grapey?) snack for me to make for the Bug.

Her assignment?

Something quick, delicious, with not too many ingredients...oh yeh, and kid friendly, Mommy approved of course.

She nailed it. Seriously, this could not be any easier.

Get grapes. Put in plastic bag. Put in freezer. Eat. Done.

Pretty sure this kid's smile is proof of a job well done.

I have to admit, I was surprised that I liked these.

Frozen grapes taste just like Italian Ice.... who knew??

I have stolen some of our family favorite recipes from her blog (The Crockpot Oatmeal is amazeballs), and most of our cheat day foods are straight from the Jalapeno too (loooove these scones).

If you are like me, and love to cook, but kinda suck at it... do yourself a favor and check out A Healthy Jalapeno for some seriously yummy goodness.... Your mouth will thank you.


Every time we leave the house lately Lovebug has been screaming, "Octopus!" and pointing out the window.

I had no clue what he was talking about and did the obligatory Mommy, "Yeh Bud, Octopus."

And then today, I saw it.

Do you see it?

Do you see the Octopus??

Sorry, that's as close as I get to someone else's octopus windsock.... but you get the idea.

He is the smartest kid alive.

The End.

UpdateHusband tells me he doesn't get it. He doesn't understand the whole "windsock, octopus," relationship. 

If the connection was lost on you too, I apologize. 
I still think my kid is a friggin' genius. 

Even if he did crawl under the table at a party last week and bite our friend's toe (sorry Brian).


Wordless Wednesday

Love this ridiculously fluffy swaddle Ladybug got from our friends this week. She looks like a peep, or a muppet... so snuggly! Oh my Gahh... I cant handle the cuteness of having a girl.

I need more of this in my life before I go soft.

(We went to Big Wheels Day, with a billion trucks... Little Man was in Heaven!)

It's Multiplying

Do swing sets breed?
In our yard... sadly, yes.

Remember when someone gave us a used swing set with no directions?? And we had friends drive from Rhode Island to help us put it together??

Welll... that was three months ago, and the pile of fire wood is still sitting disassembled in our backyard... A big friggin' woody, pain in the ass mess.

Said mess has looked like this since May.

I have long since given up begging Husband to work on it.

Lovebug literally almost breaks my heart when he tells people, "My swing set is almost done!" He's been using that same sorry line for 8 weeks sadly, and I was just going to let him keep on using it, when our neighbor offered us HIS old swing set.

Yup, that equals two old swing sets, for free.

The second one beats out the first because it is actually a built swing set, but, the quality is pretty crappy and it's kind of small. It's old and the slide is dirty and the swings are rusty, but when Lovebug saw this old busted swing set set up in our backyard, you woulda thought someone gave him a dump truck with a puppy and a pizza in it.

The kid was in Heaven.
So, even though the P.O.S. swing sets of the world are multiplying and dying in our yard;  it's worth it to be the weird people with one busted swing set, and one pile of fire wood swing set, to see Lovebug and hear him squeal in little kid swing delight.

Husband, if you are reading this... that DOES not mean you can accept anymore dying swingsets... two is enough.


One Month

Ladybug hit the big 1 month mark last week, and has officially started babbling... LOOOVE IT.

I am obsessed with baby babble. How could anyone not love those little coos and aaaahhhs... they kill me, they are the best sound ever.

At 1 month, Ladybug is almost 10 lbs. She is sleeping four hour stretches at night and is getting better with the whole nocturnal bidness.

She hates shopping and promptly screams her friggin' head off the second I walk into a store. I am pretty sure Husband puts her up to it.

She loves her brother, who calls her, "His Friend," and will stare and make eye contact for hours... or until she goes cross eyed, whichever happens first.

She gulps when she nurses like she hasn't drank in hours. She is off all medication for our boobie / mouth problems, loves to be worn in the Ergo, and hates to sit in the baby carrier unless we are moving.

She still squeaks and sighs like such a girly girl, and grunts loud when there is a burp stuck in her belly. She farts like a truck driver and I swear she belches like that guy from the Simpson's whose lips quiver when he burps.

She is so calm, and only cries when we go shopping, or when she gets her diaper changed. She loves to be sang to, to be held on our shoulders, and snuggled extra tight.

She is starting to look like a human and not a newborn anymore, her eyes are still muddy with no real color, and bets are still on for who she will look like.

Time is flying and I want to freeze it while she is a young, cuddly doll... before she becomes a 15 year old, who wears sweats that say, "Juicy" on the butt.

God help us if she becomes the daughter I deserve.

Muscles Missing

I swear I used to have muscles. Lots of them.

I mean, I wasn't like The Incredible Hulk or anything, but you could more or less tell I spent a good part of my week in the gym.

I was kinda blessed with good belly genes, (not to be confused with low cut jeans that show your belly) and strong legs; but it took me years and years to see definition in my arms.


I have been doing the, "skinny arm," pose in pictures since I was 7 years old. I am pretty sure I invented it actually.

My arms even stayed semi-defined throughout my whole pregnancy with Ladybug.
I was impressed with their ability to not suck for once, and vowed to stop talking smack about them for life.

Orrr... until now, when i am 5 weeks postpartum and my arms have gone to mush.

Along with my legs, belly, and ass.

What the eff, body? Seriously, what the eff is your problem?

After all I do for you? All the water I drink, all the vitamins I take, all the junk food I put in you??
Woops... scratch that last one, that's not right.

I am hoping to be cleared for the gym one week from today, which means I have 7 more days to eat garbage, and complain about being mushy. Seven days from today I will be back at it in the gym.

 Which means eight days from today I can expect my muscles to be cut, and my ass to be back up where it belongs.... right???


Toddler Takeover

We are dealing with some serious behavior issues over here, and it is all wrapped up in one big lump of toddler who has some separation anxiety looming since the birth of his sister.

For no reason at all, Lovebug will come hug me, kiss me, play with my hair, and tell me he is sorry. He will hold onto my leg in the shower, at the dishwasher, in the yard... just because. He wont set foot inside the gym, let alone let anyone into our house without reminding them first that Mommy is NOT leaving.

The signs are all there, yet google has failed me and I have no idea how to handle it.

Add in the fact that this separation anxiety reaches an all time high at nap and bed time, and we are having all sorts of fun. I am already awake every night with a newborn who is confused by the difference between night and day, the addition of a toddler who refuses to sleep is the icing on the cake.

We do bedtime the same every night, except we change, some nights Mommy does it, some nights Daddy does it. Bedtime is between 8 and 8:30... and lately, Lovebug has been effectively stretching it out until midnight. Yup, four hours to put down a 2 year old.

The other night I went in at 11:30, turned on the light, gave him books and toys and said, "Play all you want, please don't call my name, I need to sleep."

I didn't care then, and I don't care now if that is not the answer that the pediatrician would recommend. At that point, we had been fighting with him for 3 hours to sleep... and Ladybug wakes up at 12:30 every night, Mama needs her one hour of sleep, you know??

The toys worked for an hour, and eventually, I had to go get in his bed, and creep out at 12:15... just in time for Ladybug to wake up at 12:30, and stay awake until 4 am.

As you can see, I am not getting much sleep.

So, I decided I needed to start wearing him out during the day.

Enter, the Toddler Takeover.

We walked around the block (he stops and lays down, and hugs street signs, so I will go back and get him... yay!), went in the sprinkler, finger painted, played with chalk,watered the plants, blew bubbles, pushed the lawnmower, ran up and down the hill, played on the swingset..... the list goes on.

I refused to take no for an answer come nap time, so I reminded myself who was boss and set out to takeover the terrible two's.... one tired toddler at a time. Say that 3 times fast, go.

And much to my surprise, it worked. Lovebug could barely stand up by naptime. He was rubbing his eyes, and laid down immediately, no questions asked.

We are on Day 3 of successful naps and no fighting. Lovebug is getting special cuddle time after he takes a good nap, and I am getting a quiet house, time to think, clean, and sleep myself.

The behavior issues have not stopped, but they've improved, and our house is more calm. I am tired as hell after baby bootcamp every night and toddler takeover everyday, but life is easier with babies who nap at the same time. You know what they say, the family that naps together, stays together.


Ladybug Goes To The Gym....

And no one even noticed.

Sunday Funday On Thursday

Soo... Sunday was a long time ago and I am just getting around to blogging about this... I know I am a slacker.

Or maybe I just have two children who refuse to let me sleep and would rather their mother look like a crazy blood shot eyes, roots and crusty haired bag lady that sleeps under a bridge and has no time to blog, eat, or pee... pretty sure it's the second one.

Anyway, Sunday came and with it was a big gym event that we had planned on attending for months. When it came time to leave, we took a look at Lovebug, who gets literally no time with both Husband and I together and thought... screw the friggin' gym, let's go play.

And that we did.

The three of us four of us (woops, cant forget the ever sleeping Ladybug) hit up an athletic park down the road where they house dead construction vehicles. Who knows why someone chose this place as a bulldozer cemetery, but they did, and we are happy as hell about it.

So is this guy... who got to blow off some steam, play with Daddy, and be around some big trucks, all by himself.

Lovebug didn't scream, hit, yell, or cry once that day.

There was no signs of the separation anxiety that has been looming since Ladybug arrived home from the Hospital. We didn't have one tantrum, just kisses, and hugs, and football tosses in the front yard. It was a perfect day... now, if only I could get Husband to quit his job and do this all the time, well, at least until Lovebug turns three.



We have been swamped with love, gifts, food, and kindness since Ladybug was born.

We are in awe of how many wonderful people actually care about us, seriously... who knew?

Look at all this Hallmark goodness.

I am such a sucker for anything other than a bill in the mail.
I may or may not jump up and down at the mailbox.
Thank you, thank you.

And this handmade card??

Made with love from a former babysitter and long time blog reader.

How sweet is she??

And this uber cute onesie sporting both a ladybug and Luvbug on it??

Also from a reader.

Two surprise gifts from readers in one weekend... I died.

I was so excited I told Husband seventy-five times, "I have nice readers, they sent us this! And this! And a gift card! They wrote our name and address on an envelope! They thought of us!"

I might get carried away sometimes, but honestly, I am so touched.


Anniversary Number Four, Part 2

Four years ago, we did this... we got married.

Three years ago, on our 1st Anniversary, we went to the Casino, had a snazzy meal, and ate our wedding cake.

The next day we bought a house, the day after that we found out we were pregnant with Lovebug.

On our 2nd Annivesary we went to a beautiful conservation park with a teensy, tiny Lovebug, and walked the paths until our feet hurt.

We were such new parents, we were still using the God awful Baby Bjorn, and I still had 10 pounds of baby weight to lose.

We were sleepy as hell.

Believe it or not, we really cant friggin' remember our  3rd Anniversary.

I know we both worked out, at different classes because we didn't have a babysitter.

I am guessing we had some form of take out and a movie.  

I know we are pathetic.
This year, on our 4th Anniversary... we had Mexican, at the restaurant, on a real date....

 Even though Ladybug came along to chaperone.

Since the sun was still out, she was obviously asleep (nocturnal baby was at it again), and didn't so much as make a peep.

Then we went here, and bought a new mattress... who knew you could haggle prices on mattresses?

Not me, but Husband knew, and saved us a boatload of cash.

Now we have this huge, purty bed to sleep on stay awake all night with Ladybug on.

Things sure have changed over the years, Anniversarys are not as exciting, we are kind of boring now, and getting old.

But we have each other.

And these two.

What more could we possibly need??
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