I admit it.

I am getting nervous.

Not about having 2 kids.

Nope, I am nervous about leaving my home for 4 days, and leaving the well being of Lovebug up to others.

I am worried no one will ask him if he has to pee, and he will have accidents. Or worse, when they ask him, and he says, "No," they will accept that as an answer. I am nervous he will only eat donuts and chips, he will go to bed late, wake up early, and be completely thrown off when I get home from the hospital. I am nervous he will be allowed to eat popsicles and cookies on the couch, food in front of the TV without sitting on a blanket, and drink out of cups with no lid.

I am wondering what my house will look like when I get home, if the carpets will be trashed and the beds will be left unmade. Who will put the garbage at the road, feed the cat, and sweep the floors? Who will pick up the underware on Lovebug's floor and smell it to see if it's clean or dirty? Who will make sure the laundry doesn't sit in the dryer, wet, for 3 days, and then get put away smelling like a musty old shoe? Who will make sure he has an activity in the morning, and plays outside in the afternoon, so he is good and tired and ready for bed?? Who will make sure Lovebug has a clean face, clean hands, and takes a long nap, so he stays happy, manageable, and fun?

It is scary to be the main caretaker of the home and family, and know that you are putting your entire life in the hands of others. I am nervous I wont sleep a wink at the hospital, because I will be wondering if Lovebug has eaten his fruits and vegetables, if someone is holding his hand in the parking lot, or making sure he pushes "it" down, and doesn't pee all over the floor.

I want Husband with me and Littlebug at the hospital, but I want him home with Lovebug too... because he knows me, us, and our routine best.

I am nervous, excited, anxious... and so ready to have this Littlebug.

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