Love, Hate

Love that Hurricane Irene dumped a foot of rain on us... and that's it. Nice Irene, nice girl.

Hate that I have Mastitis. It is the worst, most painful, breast infection on the planet. I have given this a lot of thought, and I would take back labor and another C-section to Mastitis... any. day. of. the. week. Imagine someone finding a rusty wrench, and using it to twist your nipples into a teeny, tiny, speck of nipple-ness.... that's what it feels like. Kind of.

Love that Lovebug asks for Ladybug as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning. "Mommy, Daddy, I'm awake... where's Ladybug??" 

Ladybug, first bath at home

Hate that Husband is going back to work tomorrow. I will be officially outnumbered, and on my own. Yikes.

Love watching Husband with Ladybug, a Daddy and his Daughter are a special thing.

Hate that Ladybug sleeps like her Daddy, like she is in a coma. Mama has too much milk girlfriend! Wake up and eat!

Love that I have only 6 pounds to go, and I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I know, I am lucky. But, let's not forget I worked out until 3 days before I delivered... whose judging me now??

Three days before delivery....

Hate that every few days Lovebug has a typical two year old melt down. And that because of a certain Husband, Lovebug sometimes talks like Joe Pesci. Italian accent, four letter words and all. If Husband says it, Lovebug repeats it. It's normal, and expected, but I am allowed to hate it anyway.

Lovebug loves his "Football Man Shirt"... especially when Daddy wears his too!

Love that Lovebug is being spoiled rotten with Big Brother gifts, it just goes to show how much people care about his feelings, and it is touching, and so sweet for me to see. The extra crap in my house I could do without though.

New fireman outfit, thanks to Hunny

Hate that I have no time to cook a normal, healthy, balanced meal... at least my house is clean??

Love that Ladybug is still a quiet, calm little thing. Who even at nearly two weeks old, still has these curled up little froggy legs, which she must have had in the womb. 

Hate, Hate, Hate... that I have no time, and have been too sick to blog. Please don't stop reading!

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  1. Don't worry Mama Bug. We'll stick around! So sorry you have mastitis. I had just about every nursing problem you could have except that one (not enough milk, cracks that have become permanent scares, a 5 week old who refused to nurse, etc.) Hang in there! (or don't. Whatever makes you happiest).

    Yay to working out while pregnant!


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