Keepin' Busy

With less than a week to go for pregnancy #2... I am working overtime to spend every waking minute with Lovebug, before all of our lives are turned upside down.

We are keeping busy and doin' every little thang we can, together.

Yesterday was no exception. We headed to a Wildlife Park, yes, me, the hater of farm animals brought her child to another place full of animals. I know.

It didn't hit me until we were in the small petting zoo portion of the 50 acre park, how much I hate animals. Every other kid had a cup of "feed" or a bottle of milk for the baby pigs and goats, while Lovebug walked around saying, "I'm just with my mom, being very careful".

Bless his little heart, isn't he the freaking sweetest thing on the planet??

This is his happy face, which he sported the entire time... this kid was seriously on cloud 9 at this place.

The wildlife park was right up my alley because you can DRIVE your car through it, and just stop when you feel like stopping, and not stop if you don't feel like it. Which was perfect for Mama, who is 39 weeks pregnant... and not perfect for Bug, who is 2 and does NOT want to be pulled in and out of his car seat ninety seven times.

Disclaimer: I really have no idea what half of the animals that we saw actually are... oh well.

It wouldn't be a day with Lovebug without a digger!

We also hit up the Museum, which was filled with animals that the owner killed himself and had, umm, stuffed, I guess?? Lovebug loved it and was all, "Rhino! Bear! Lion! Rawwr!"

Last but not least was the excitement-spaz-attack-inducing playground, which almost gave Lovebug a freaking asthma attack. Not that he has asthma... but he got all huffy and couldn't put two words together he was so excited when he saw this place.

I have to admit, it was pretty cool to have the whole place to ourselves.

The price for this fun, animal filled day? Only ten bucks! Not bad right?

Lovebug was free, boo-yah.

I am definitely sending Husband back there with the Bug once Littlebug arrives.

No matter how hard I try, I cant shake this feeling of guilt, that someone else is coming in next week to steal the Bug's Mama time. Here's hoping he will adjust well and life will continue on as usual.

Ha... yeh right.

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  1. Farm animals are not my thing either! and YES he is the SWEETEST thing ever!! Ah can't handle that face!


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