Lady Bug!!

Last week we were blessed to welcome our daughter, Lady Bug... whom we named  

Yup, I just posted her real name.

Just this once, because you all read for months about our baby name battle.... and in the end, a name that was on my list all along, made it through all 27 of Husband's cuts, and won.

Why Baker??

Husband says I could do a Power Point Presentation on this subject alone. I had a bajillion reasons for loving the name.

Where I first heard it??

A good friend babysat a Baker. I originally thought it was kinda weird, like I am sure most people do now, but then it really grew on me, and made it onto my baby name list months before I was even pregnant.
Reason Number 2?

When things got crazy and I pulled out the family tree, Baker was a surname on my mother's side, many years ago... just like my name.

Reason Number 3?

I had spent a lot of time searching for a name that would honor the "B" in Barbara, Husband's favorite aunt that passed away this year. Bada bing, bada boom... Baker, Barbara, booyah.

You get the idea, I had a million reasons to love the name, and Husband, he let it pass the chopping block all fafillion times he pulled one out on my name list.

She is a calm, sweet, quiet baby... with great patience for her brother and all of his shananigans. Lovebug is doing well and loves his little sister, but has gotten progressively louder since she was born... probably hoping we will not ignore him; EVER.

We are still working out the kinks, but our house is clean, Lovebug is back on his nap schedule, and Ladybug only wakes up once at night. She nurses like a champ, and Lovebug likes to sit with her on the boppy in his lap, and pretend to sleep with her.

We are feeling super blessed these days, and are still pretty much in shock that Ladybug is in fact a Lady... Life sure is full of surprises these days.

Like the fact that when I checked my stats after a week away from my blog, I was shocked to see people have continued to come back, to see if I've posted... to read!

So thanks for sticking around, and continuing to visit Our Tiny Place.... things are about to get crazy around here!!!

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  1. I was checking every day to see a pic of that beautiful baby! Congratulations to you guys. I hope she keeps sleeping that well. That is unbelievable.


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