She Sleeps

I'm not one to talk about politics, or abortion, or religion. I just don't like confrontation, nor do I care to piss anyone off for no good reason.

In Mommy land there are controversial topics too... breastfeeding, cloth vs. disposable diapers, sleep habits. I have a few strong opinions about things that work for ME, and MY FAMILY as far as bringing up baby is concerned, but I try to keep them to myself unless asked directly.

And when asked where Ladybug sleeps; I am happy to say, she sleeps here:

In this beautiful, old, Amish/Noah's Ark-esque style cradle.

Okay, now pay attention, and read slow.

This adorable, rustic, little cradle was made especially for my mother, by my Grandfather (her father in law), when she was pregnant with his first ever Grandchild... my brother, did you get all that??

That makes this cradle 30 years old this year. My Grandfather started a tradition by chance when he built this sturdy little puppy, which has now held 4 of his grandchildren (my brother, my two sisters, and myself), and two of his great-grandchildren (Lovebug and Ladybug).

It is also virtually conflict proof, because everyone appreciates family tradition.

No one can tell me she should be in her own space, her own room, her own (way too big for a newborn) crib. They also cant tell me she should be sleeping in my bed, or in a pack and play, a co-sleeping basinett, a laundry basket... okay, maybe not a laundry basket.

You get the idea.
So that's where she sleeps.

Close enough to nurse, far enough away that she has her own space, and her privacy.

You know, for all those private things two week olds do.

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