She Sleeps

I'm not one to talk about politics, or abortion, or religion. I just don't like confrontation, nor do I care to piss anyone off for no good reason.

In Mommy land there are controversial topics too... breastfeeding, cloth vs. disposable diapers, sleep habits. I have a few strong opinions about things that work for ME, and MY FAMILY as far as bringing up baby is concerned, but I try to keep them to myself unless asked directly.

And when asked where Ladybug sleeps; I am happy to say, she sleeps here:

In this beautiful, old, Amish/Noah's Ark-esque style cradle.

Okay, now pay attention, and read slow.

This adorable, rustic, little cradle was made especially for my mother, by my Grandfather (her father in law), when she was pregnant with his first ever Grandchild... my brother, did you get all that??

That makes this cradle 30 years old this year. My Grandfather started a tradition by chance when he built this sturdy little puppy, which has now held 4 of his grandchildren (my brother, my two sisters, and myself), and two of his great-grandchildren (Lovebug and Ladybug).

It is also virtually conflict proof, because everyone appreciates family tradition.

No one can tell me she should be in her own space, her own room, her own (way too big for a newborn) crib. They also cant tell me she should be sleeping in my bed, or in a pack and play, a co-sleeping basinett, a laundry basket... okay, maybe not a laundry basket.

You get the idea.
So that's where she sleeps.

Close enough to nurse, far enough away that she has her own space, and her privacy.

You know, for all those private things two week olds do.

Wordless Wednesday

Take two kids
Ages two years, and two weeks
Add one Mom
With two infected tatas
And you get a whole lot of this going on......


Baby Siblings

Lovebug, 10 days old

Ladybug, 12 days old

What do you think??? Do we have a girly version of Lovebug here??


Love, Hate

Love that Hurricane Irene dumped a foot of rain on us... and that's it. Nice Irene, nice girl.

Hate that I have Mastitis. It is the worst, most painful, breast infection on the planet. I have given this a lot of thought, and I would take back labor and another C-section to Mastitis... any. day. of. the. week. Imagine someone finding a rusty wrench, and using it to twist your nipples into a teeny, tiny, speck of nipple-ness.... that's what it feels like. Kind of.

Love that Lovebug asks for Ladybug as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning. "Mommy, Daddy, I'm awake... where's Ladybug??" 

Ladybug, first bath at home

Hate that Husband is going back to work tomorrow. I will be officially outnumbered, and on my own. Yikes.

Love watching Husband with Ladybug, a Daddy and his Daughter are a special thing.

Hate that Ladybug sleeps like her Daddy, like she is in a coma. Mama has too much milk girlfriend! Wake up and eat!

Love that I have only 6 pounds to go, and I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I know, I am lucky. But, let's not forget I worked out until 3 days before I delivered... whose judging me now??

Three days before delivery....

Hate that every few days Lovebug has a typical two year old melt down. And that because of a certain Husband, Lovebug sometimes talks like Joe Pesci. Italian accent, four letter words and all. If Husband says it, Lovebug repeats it. It's normal, and expected, but I am allowed to hate it anyway.

Lovebug loves his "Football Man Shirt"... especially when Daddy wears his too!

Love that Lovebug is being spoiled rotten with Big Brother gifts, it just goes to show how much people care about his feelings, and it is touching, and so sweet for me to see. The extra crap in my house I could do without though.

New fireman outfit, thanks to Hunny

Hate that I have no time to cook a normal, healthy, balanced meal... at least my house is clean??

Love that Ladybug is still a quiet, calm little thing. Who even at nearly two weeks old, still has these curled up little froggy legs, which she must have had in the womb. 

Hate, Hate, Hate... that I have no time, and have been too sick to blog. Please don't stop reading!


Be Fine

The house is silent, sans a few sighs and coos from Ladybug.

It is glorious.

Husband finally took Lovebug out for some good old fashioned sunshine and stimulation (you know how I love/live to tire out Lovebug)... so Ladybug and I are alone... at last.

Visitors, though on a strict "visitation" schedule (no one between 1-2:30... Lovebug/Ladybug/Mama Bug nap time) have been coming daily to catch a glimpse of the baby that doesn't cry, just cuddles, and coos.

Husband enjoys letting Ladybug sleep on his chest, something Lovebug never wanted to do... and I, I am chasing Lovebug up and down the stairs, down the street, down the yard, across the house... trying to give him the attention he needs/wants/deserves... and tire him out all at once.

This is no way to recover from a c-section mind you. But necessary all the same.

As I write this, I have just finished nursing Ladybug, who is a snoozing peacefully. It is moments like this that I wish I had a babysitter nearby, just so I could have 15 minutes to think, regroup, plan.

Maneuvering Lovebug's moods since Ladybug entered the picture is the hardest task I have dealt with since becoming a parent. He loves her, oh does he love her, but he is loud, and doesn't listen, and doesn't know what he wants... bursting into tears at any given moment, then laughing and singing one second later.

I tell myself, he is two, and he is confused. I cant wait to be able to drive again (no driving for 2 weeks post c-section) so I can take him out for a quick date, just the two of us.

We have read and re-read every book we own at night before bed, just the two of us.

We have laid together on the couch watching a movie, just the two of us.

We have walked to the end of the street and back, pointing out every blade of grass, every leaf, every mailbox.. just the two of us.

And when we get home, I hobble into the house (incision screaming) and he goes right to his little sister, touches her head softly and says, "Be fine... be fine..." in a soft, whisper-y voice.

I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I am hopeful that in a few short weeks, Lovebug wont remember life before Ladybug, and will just embrace his new sibling.

He wont hate his parents, as I keep saying, it's not Ladybug, it's us... it's Mom and Dad, it's the change in the family dynamic...it's not her, she is sweet and silent, and he loves her.

Soon, he will go back to his non-screaming, non-crying, always happy self.

Soon, he will... "Be Fine."



Lady Bug!!

Last week we were blessed to welcome our daughter, Lady Bug... whom we named  

Yup, I just posted her real name.

Just this once, because you all read for months about our baby name battle.... and in the end, a name that was on my list all along, made it through all 27 of Husband's cuts, and won.

Why Baker??

Husband says I could do a Power Point Presentation on this subject alone. I had a bajillion reasons for loving the name.

Where I first heard it??

A good friend babysat a Baker. I originally thought it was kinda weird, like I am sure most people do now, but then it really grew on me, and made it onto my baby name list months before I was even pregnant.
Reason Number 2?

When things got crazy and I pulled out the family tree, Baker was a surname on my mother's side, many years ago... just like my name.

Reason Number 3?

I had spent a lot of time searching for a name that would honor the "B" in Barbara, Husband's favorite aunt that passed away this year. Bada bing, bada boom... Baker, Barbara, booyah.

You get the idea, I had a million reasons to love the name, and Husband, he let it pass the chopping block all fafillion times he pulled one out on my name list.

She is a calm, sweet, quiet baby... with great patience for her brother and all of his shananigans. Lovebug is doing well and loves his little sister, but has gotten progressively louder since she was born... probably hoping we will not ignore him; EVER.

We are still working out the kinks, but our house is clean, Lovebug is back on his nap schedule, and Ladybug only wakes up once at night. She nurses like a champ, and Lovebug likes to sit with her on the boppy in his lap, and pretend to sleep with her.

We are feeling super blessed these days, and are still pretty much in shock that Ladybug is in fact a Lady... Life sure is full of surprises these days.

Like the fact that when I checked my stats after a week away from my blog, I was shocked to see people have continued to come back, to see if I've posted... to read!

So thanks for sticking around, and continuing to visit Our Tiny Place.... things are about to get crazy around here!!!



I admit it.

I am getting nervous.

Not about having 2 kids.

Nope, I am nervous about leaving my home for 4 days, and leaving the well being of Lovebug up to others.

I am worried no one will ask him if he has to pee, and he will have accidents. Or worse, when they ask him, and he says, "No," they will accept that as an answer. I am nervous he will only eat donuts and chips, he will go to bed late, wake up early, and be completely thrown off when I get home from the hospital. I am nervous he will be allowed to eat popsicles and cookies on the couch, food in front of the TV without sitting on a blanket, and drink out of cups with no lid.

I am wondering what my house will look like when I get home, if the carpets will be trashed and the beds will be left unmade. Who will put the garbage at the road, feed the cat, and sweep the floors? Who will pick up the underware on Lovebug's floor and smell it to see if it's clean or dirty? Who will make sure the laundry doesn't sit in the dryer, wet, for 3 days, and then get put away smelling like a musty old shoe? Who will make sure he has an activity in the morning, and plays outside in the afternoon, so he is good and tired and ready for bed?? Who will make sure Lovebug has a clean face, clean hands, and takes a long nap, so he stays happy, manageable, and fun?

It is scary to be the main caretaker of the home and family, and know that you are putting your entire life in the hands of others. I am nervous I wont sleep a wink at the hospital, because I will be wondering if Lovebug has eaten his fruits and vegetables, if someone is holding his hand in the parking lot, or making sure he pushes "it" down, and doesn't pee all over the floor.

I want Husband with me and Littlebug at the hospital, but I want him home with Lovebug too... because he knows me, us, and our routine best.

I am nervous, excited, anxious... and so ready to have this Littlebug.

Last Chance To Guess....

I am 38 weeks pregnant in this picture.

What's your best guess??

Boy or Girl?!

(Don't worry your pretty little heads. I am trained, very cautious, and not lifting much weight in this picture; only 53 pounds to be exact... it looks scarier than it is. I had my last official workout on Saturday... I wont be setting foot in a gym for 8 weeks. Boo.)


Keepin' Busy

With less than a week to go for pregnancy #2... I am working overtime to spend every waking minute with Lovebug, before all of our lives are turned upside down.

We are keeping busy and doin' every little thang we can, together.

Yesterday was no exception. We headed to a Wildlife Park, yes, me, the hater of farm animals brought her child to another place full of animals. I know.

It didn't hit me until we were in the small petting zoo portion of the 50 acre park, how much I hate animals. Every other kid had a cup of "feed" or a bottle of milk for the baby pigs and goats, while Lovebug walked around saying, "I'm just with my mom, being very careful".

Bless his little heart, isn't he the freaking sweetest thing on the planet??

This is his happy face, which he sported the entire time... this kid was seriously on cloud 9 at this place.

The wildlife park was right up my alley because you can DRIVE your car through it, and just stop when you feel like stopping, and not stop if you don't feel like it. Which was perfect for Mama, who is 39 weeks pregnant... and not perfect for Bug, who is 2 and does NOT want to be pulled in and out of his car seat ninety seven times.

Disclaimer: I really have no idea what half of the animals that we saw actually are... oh well.

It wouldn't be a day with Lovebug without a digger!

We also hit up the Museum, which was filled with animals that the owner killed himself and had, umm, stuffed, I guess?? Lovebug loved it and was all, "Rhino! Bear! Lion! Rawwr!"

Last but not least was the excitement-spaz-attack-inducing playground, which almost gave Lovebug a freaking asthma attack. Not that he has asthma... but he got all huffy and couldn't put two words together he was so excited when he saw this place.

I have to admit, it was pretty cool to have the whole place to ourselves.

The price for this fun, animal filled day? Only ten bucks! Not bad right?

Lovebug was free, boo-yah.

I am definitely sending Husband back there with the Bug once Littlebug arrives.

No matter how hard I try, I cant shake this feeling of guilt, that someone else is coming in next week to steal the Bug's Mama time. Here's hoping he will adjust well and life will continue on as usual.

Ha... yeh right.


Yay, Nay


- Lovebug and I had an amazing day at a Wildlife park yesterday (stay tuned for pics)
- He is staying dry in his diaper (this is the last diaper he uses now, the rest of the time he is diaper free!) from bedtime until 4 am
- Lovebug is bubbling over with excitement when he sees Husband these days, who has clearly been traveling too much... love seeing my boys together
- Jersey Shore tonight.. yay!
- Still getting to "work out" and stay healthy for our bambino
- Lovebug's new obsession with telling me I am pretty
- My wonderful friends and siblings who check on me daily to see if I am leaking / contracting / popping


-Husband took all baby names off the table again last night, at midnight
-Mommy was up until 5 am looking for new names
-Still nothing

No big deal.


(My workouts are now so short that I end up playing with Lovebug while Husband works out... and by "playing" I mean... sitting on the tires and taking self pics.)



I can barely write this post, or look at the picture I am about to insert into it, without wanting to barf.

Seriously, I apologize for ruining your lunch.

Unless you're a vegetarian, and then you are probably sitting there all like, "I told you meat is nasty you dumb ass."

Ugh, this time, you are so right.

Skinny Sis, her good friend, and myself all ordered pizza and wings last night from a place we never actually order from.

This was mistake numero uno.

Mistake number two was me saying, "I only want pizza, no wings for this chick..." and then when they came, I thought, what the hell, just one wont hurt.

And so I ate a wing. Ugggh, mistake, mistake, mistake!

No sooner had I finished said wing, when Skinny Sis, who is a food weirdo anyway, pulled a feather off her chicken wing.

Like, a real legit feather.

So nasty.

Not just one feather either, or one wing... like 8 out of 12 wings had feathers on them... it was basically a box of feathers covered in hot sauce.

Oh God I am going to throw up in my mouth.

I called the restaurant who was quick to offer us new wings. We kindly declined and asked for pizza instead.

In hindsight, I shoulda asked for my money back because my appetite is non-existent after the whole feather/wing/nasty funk business.

They ended up sending someone back out to pick up the feathery wings in exchange for a non-feathery pizza (which I promptly tossed in the trash).

Instead of sending the 16 year old mouse delivery man that had come the first time, they sent Senor A-Hole. I'd bet a $22 dinner not covered in feathers that he was the Chef who made the nasty-funk feathery wings in the first place; cause this dude was seriously not happy.

After Senor A-Hole was a complete jerk to me and took his feathery wings back to their nasty chicken coop, us three ladies sat on the couch, gagging every once in awhile, and trying not to think about feathers, wings, and chickens.

Ugh... so nasty. Vegetarianism may just be the way to go, no feathers is a huge step in the right direction.

Sorry for ruining your breakfast/lunch/dinner, please come back tomorrow for a non-food related, non-disgusting post.


Wordless Wednesday


Blueberry Picking

Lovebug and I went blueberry picking with Squeak and his Mom yesterday.

You remember Squeak? Lovebug's friend that sometimes Squeaks and sometimes talks?? He is such a little peach, and so well behaved. He stayed close to his Mama, picking and eating blueberries to his heart's content.

Lovebug on the other hand, Lovebug did this.

He ran.
He climbed.
He found a fake owl and hugged it.
He peed in the blueberry bushes, threw sticks and climbed into an abandon tractor (with keys in it?).

Lovebug did pretty much anything but pick blueberries.

He also took my bucket of blueberries that I picked while running after him, and dumped it on the ground.


But, all that running meant a beautiful, long, quiet nap time... I'll take it.

Baby Books

My dad's parents have six kids, and live by an amazing rule.

What one gets, everyone gets.

Still to this day, even though all of their children are over 40 years old, they all get the same treatment.

We still only have one child, but are already trying to put this rule into motion in our house.

Enter, the baby books.

I made a scrapbook for Lovebug before he was born, and despite what all of my aunt's told me... I knew I'd pull through and make one for Littlebug too.

You see, my aunt's told me, "You take pictures of child 1, but have no time for pictures of child 2. You make a scrapbook for Baby 1, but have no energy for Baby 2."

I want so badly to believe this isn't true (especially because I am the second child). So... I made a book for Littlebug, if for no other reason than to prove everyone wrong.
Lovebug's book has the poem I wrote my parents to tell them the good news, more ultrasounds (which I blame on being a first time Mom and calling the doctor about... everything), more well wishing cards, and tons of advice from all of the women in my life (not pictured).

In Littlebug's book I wrote the stories about how we told the grandparent's the good news, the long list of names that we couldn't decide on, some well wishing cards, and tons of pictures of me working out.

It's cool to see how things have changed in our lives since I was pregnant with Lovebug, and to see how I changed with the two different pregnancies.

I wanted to make sure each child had their own book about themselves, our lives, and the journey we took to welcome them into it.

I worked on Lovebug's book for my entire pregnancy, and threw together Littlebug's book in an hour last night. Life may be different, but both kids are getting the same, and that's all that matters.

Here's hoping we can keep this up when one of them isn't in the womb!
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