I love this blog.

It helped me find myself when I was lost in being a new mom, and taking care of everyone other than, well, me.

I believe this blog has helped our friends and family, near and far, stay closer to us through pictures, and stories of our growing Bug(s).

I believe this blog has helped me use a little bit of my college education (as my Uncles like to tease my father), and made me feel like I have something that is just for me.

I believe that I have found true followers, who will email me, and comment, when I don't post regularly... if only because they are bored at work, and looking for something to do.

But now I am torn. This is the second time since I began my blog that I have questioned whether or not to continue.

The first time, I wrote a post and said something about how you will never see pictures of my Bug nakey in the bath online (not actual wording). Later that night, while I was checking my blog stats, I found that my blog had been found by search engine users searching things like bath tub, nakey, etc. The thought of pervs even finding my blog, letting alone looking at pictures of my fully clothed child, made me sick to my stomach.

I promptly deleted the wording for something less attractive to pervs, and went on my way.

Today, as I again checked my Search Engine Keywords, I was disgusted to see people found my blog by searching, "sprinkler," "shower," and a slew of other things that only pervs would go searching for online.

Come on people really?

I am saddened that I don't know more about the blog-osphere. I am sad that I don't know how to protect my pictures from being stolen. And I am sad that we live in such a crazy world, that I am now torn about whether or not to continue blogging with pictures... which my brother says, is the only reason people read.

Would you continue visiting if I made this a picture free zone??

Would anyone even notice if this blog was gone altogether?? Anyone?? Bueller??


  1. I would miss it! The picture thing is a tough one... I never posted very many because I was scared for the same reasons you are. You can watermark your pictures so people cant steal them. Make them not clickable, etc.

    But... I get what you mean by not wanting someone pervy to even look at them. Its a tough choice.

    But I like your blog, and hope you will continue... pictures or not.


  2. Thanks for commenting on my post! Oh man that sickens me you saw people searching for that who trolled your site. :( I feel your pain. So horrible!!
    I agree with the above commenter...maybe watermarking is a good idea. Also, I did do something a bit drastic last night but it makes me rest easier. I took my blog off search engine crawl. No more googlers to my blog. I know it will drastically reduce my traffic, but really, what quality traffic would that be anyway? It might make you feel better. I feel better already on mine! :)


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