Too Damn Hot, And Other Babbling

It is too damn hot to do anything, even post blogs.

We have been keeping ourselves holed up in the house, basking in the glory that is Central Air.

Lovebug and I have been lucky enough to have some visitors this week, so I have had the opportunity to get a lot done and ready for the arrival of the bambino.

Next on the list is packing up the presents that Little Bug will give to Lovebug when they meet for the first time at the Hospital.

This is a tradition that my mother started with when we were little. The newest addition brings "presents" for the older siblings... yes, it is sugar coating, it is bribery, it is kind of sneaky...but it works.

Other than the heat and present wrapping / nesting my face off.... Lovebug is changing more everyday.

This week, he stopped calling the mailman, "The Mimi," and started actually calling him "The Mailman".

Boo... a tiny piece of baby-hood... gone, time moves too fast! Damn you rotating Earth, why wont you stand still?!

He has also started as asking us to actually read him a story, not just make up the words and look at the pictures.
I know. It is insane.

He will actually sit through all of the words, and not rip, or eat the pages. It feels like he is practically studying for the SAT's... how did he get so old?

Lovebug is also singing all of the words, (although not always in the right order) to James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James," which is the lullabye we have sang to him since he was born. I cant even friggin' believe it... or get a half way decent video to show you, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Other than that we are staying cool, and waiting on Little Bug.

I pray every night for a safe and healthy C-Section (Oh how I love you C-Section), and a baby that will pop out and tell us it's name. Until then, I roast in the heat and listen to Husband tell me a fafillion reasons I cant name he or she whatever I want.

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