Tell Me What It Is Mom!

About a month ago, I told you about how Husband accidentally started some sort of potty weirdness at our house.

To refresh your memory, the first time Lovebug successfully pooped on the potty, Husband told him it looked like dog poop. I have no effing idea why, it just came out, we laughed and that was that.

Well, fast forward to a month later, and Lovebug will get on the potty, make his little grunty pushing face, and scream out, "Tell me what it is Mom!"

What is he talking about? What is what?

What his poop is for crying out loud.

He is taking a big ol' dump, pushing himself into almost hernia-ville... and all he is thinking about is what kind of animal he is pooping out.

 Kind of like some people look at clouds and see things... Lovebug wants me to look at poop and see animals.

"I see poop animals."

I am running out of animals, and Lovebug does not like repeat poop animals.

This week we have had: a boa constrictor, polar bears, baby birds, a ground hog, and a liger (the tiger and the lion were used the day before), to name a few.

Lovebug is getting smarter... kind of??

And I am forced to research new animals.

When I accidentally told him it was a "giraffe" two days in a row, he looked at me with a face and said,
"No Mom, it was a giraffe yesterday."

Well excuuuseee me Bindi Irwin.

Who knew being a Mom meant being a wildlife animal poop expert??

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