Take Your Nephew to Work Day

My father has owned a small parking lot striping business my entire life.
Nearly every person that I have ever known has worked for him.

Except, oddly enough, Husband; who firmly believes family and business just don't mix.

Other than him, just about every person I have ever met has worked for Pop Pop at least once.

And now, so has Lovebug.

We visited Skinny and Short Sis (they are actually both short, and both skinny) the other night on the job, and Lovebug was seriously loving him some manual labor.

Okay, crazy people, obviously he didn't actually work... but what little boy doesn't love pushing a machine, "driving" a truck, and going up and down on a lift gate??

Pretty much if it involves getting dirty, and doing something crazy, Lovebug is all about it.

I am sure Pop Pop is just foaming at the mouth to get this kid on a truck and laying out stencils in a parking lot. He hasn't seen this kind of enthusiasm for work in, well.. ever!
Let's just hope it lasts another 14 years until he can legally be put to work!!

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