Multi-Purpose Sprinkler

Summer means 3 or 4 baths and showers a day for Lovebug.

Seriously, do all boys get this dirty??

Lovebug starts the day with a shower with Daddy, and then a shower on his own before naptime (usually thanks to the sandbox/tractor/bike/walks/parks, etc).

After naptime, he usually gets so dirty (doing who knows what) we have another shower before going to the gym in the evening; where he will inevitably get disgusting climbing on tires, and need another shower before bed.

Last night, I pulled his sprinkler out, and gave him a good old fashioned yard shower. We have a no nakey in the front yard rule, so he was also wearing clothes for his shower. Probably not very effective. Oh well.
The harder he plays, the dirtier he gets, the better he sleeps!!

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