The Name Mediator

Desperate times call for drastic measures.

I called one of Husband's oldest friends and invited him to dinner, and basically told him we needed him to be Dr. Phil; sit between us and hash out a baby name.

And he did!

We now have at least one name for a boy, and one name for a girl... that we are both happy with.

I, of course, would like something more different; while Husband, would like something less unique...
but, we FINALLY compromised.

I am telling myself that today will be the day that I wont look for baby names. The first since December 11, 2010... when I found out I was pregnant, and Husband said, "Hell No," to my favorite names.

I owe it all to Husband's friend, who can for some reason rationalize with him better than I can. I have been losing sleep for weeks knowing that this baby doesn't have a name, and now, through the beauty of compromise, and friendship, our baby will have a name.

Now, we just need the baby to come out... and try it's new name on for size.

(You didn't really think I was going to tell you what they were did you??)

Sidenote: I am still holding out hope that Husband will pass out during delivery and I can fill out the birth certificate all on my own with MY #1 name that he refuses, but I love... don't judge me.
I am a woman after all.

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