Free Fun

The blogosphere is a buzz with Mommy bloggers listing ways they plan to have some good old fashioned fun this summer.

Lovebug and I on the other hand, prefer to catch our fun as it happens, the way my siblings and I did when we were kids.

I am pretty positive my mom never wrote down a list of activities to complete each summer, and she definitely didn't rip them up into tiny pieces and pull them out of a hat week by week. We are more fly by the seat of our pants folks for sure.

So, when I was driving around the block and saw a mini construction site had set up shop just 5 houses down, I knew what our stimulation for the morning would be.

You know you are officially a "Boy Mom" when the sight of a dump truck excites you.

I try very, very hard to ensure that Lovebug does one activity in the morning (to tire him out for his nap), and one post nap (to tire him out for bed).

Lovebug was in little boy Heaven, and these guys were totally cool about letting him into their construction vehicle thinga-ma-jiggies.

I am pretty sure Lovebug loves that his Mama is not shy, and will walk up to any construction site, anywhere, any time, and ask if he can have a seat in their trucks.

I have a feeling his love for my boldness will last until right around Middle School, when he will promptly hate me and think I am the most embarrassing Mom on the planet.

Oh well, at least I am cool now.

Special thanks to Skinny Sis, who took one for the team and climbed into the Bobcat with Lovebug.
 You know my big ol' pregnant booty wasn't about to do it!

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