I am touched by the outpouring of support I have received from my loyal readers (who knew they even existed?!).

I am going to continue to search out ways to keep myself and my family safe from perverts who sit on their Mom's couch searching for all things creep-tastic, that is for sure. I have contacted a few other Mommy Bloggers (Moggers?) to see what precautions I can take.

In the meantime, while I am busy trying to not stop blogging (I do love it) ....

Our friends from the gym threw us a small BBQ this weekend to celebrate the upcoming arrival of LittleBug! It was low key and casual, exactly as we had hoped.

My friend's sweet Mom gave me this awesome picture frame from Hallmark. I know it is probably for kid's to make recordings on, but I took this as an opportunity to frame this pic of Lovebug and I, and record a goodnight message for him to listen to while I am at the hospital.

So far, I am pretty impressed at how this frame is holding up, being that Lovebug pushed the button 94 times in 30 seconds and made me sound like a rapper.

I also asked a dear, amazingly creative, friend of mine to draw on my belly at the Shower. I picked up two packages of Washable Markers and just relaxed in a chair while she went nuts on my belly. It was so nice because Husband was stuck on Lovebug duty and I got to relax with my girlfriends, boo-yah!

First, she went abstract.. and then, like any true amazing artist, got frustrated and changed her mind.

So she stopped here....

And then started this business... which of course I had to take a picture of to even SEE!

She was so patient with me and my kicking babe... who is apparently very ticklish!

The finished product, a song lyric from our family favorite song by James Taylor

Sorry no Chalkboard Countdown picture this week.... it is currently filled with a list of 20 names; that Husband has said "NO" to! Yup, you read that right... TWENTY! As in the number after 19! That is a whole classroom full of unacceptable names!! We are scheduled for 3 weeks from today for the ol' C-Section fabulousity, and this babe still has no friggin' name, no big deal right??

I love that our friend's have started to tell Husband that he no longer has a say because he is so freaking picky. Love, Love, Love that.

Husband are you reading this?

No Say for You!

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