Tell Me What It Is Mom!

About a month ago, I told you about how Husband accidentally started some sort of potty weirdness at our house.

To refresh your memory, the first time Lovebug successfully pooped on the potty, Husband told him it looked like dog poop. I have no effing idea why, it just came out, we laughed and that was that.

Well, fast forward to a month later, and Lovebug will get on the potty, make his little grunty pushing face, and scream out, "Tell me what it is Mom!"

What is he talking about? What is what?

What his poop is for crying out loud.

He is taking a big ol' dump, pushing himself into almost hernia-ville... and all he is thinking about is what kind of animal he is pooping out.

 Kind of like some people look at clouds and see things... Lovebug wants me to look at poop and see animals.

"I see poop animals."

I am running out of animals, and Lovebug does not like repeat poop animals.

This week we have had: a boa constrictor, polar bears, baby birds, a ground hog, and a liger (the tiger and the lion were used the day before), to name a few.

Lovebug is getting smarter... kind of??

And I am forced to research new animals.

When I accidentally told him it was a "giraffe" two days in a row, he looked at me with a face and said,
"No Mom, it was a giraffe yesterday."

Well excuuuseee me Bindi Irwin.

Who knew being a Mom meant being a wildlife animal poop expert??

The Name Mediator

Desperate times call for drastic measures.

I called one of Husband's oldest friends and invited him to dinner, and basically told him we needed him to be Dr. Phil; sit between us and hash out a baby name.

And he did!

We now have at least one name for a boy, and one name for a girl... that we are both happy with.

I, of course, would like something more different; while Husband, would like something less unique...
but, we FINALLY compromised.

I am telling myself that today will be the day that I wont look for baby names. The first since December 11, 2010... when I found out I was pregnant, and Husband said, "Hell No," to my favorite names.

I owe it all to Husband's friend, who can for some reason rationalize with him better than I can. I have been losing sleep for weeks knowing that this baby doesn't have a name, and now, through the beauty of compromise, and friendship, our baby will have a name.

Now, we just need the baby to come out... and try it's new name on for size.

(You didn't really think I was going to tell you what they were did you??)

Sidenote: I am still holding out hope that Husband will pass out during delivery and I can fill out the birth certificate all on my own with MY #1 name that he refuses, but I love... don't judge me.
I am a woman after all.


Take Your Nephew to Work Day

My father has owned a small parking lot striping business my entire life.
Nearly every person that I have ever known has worked for him.

Except, oddly enough, Husband; who firmly believes family and business just don't mix.

Other than him, just about every person I have ever met has worked for Pop Pop at least once.

And now, so has Lovebug.

We visited Skinny and Short Sis (they are actually both short, and both skinny) the other night on the job, and Lovebug was seriously loving him some manual labor.

Okay, crazy people, obviously he didn't actually work... but what little boy doesn't love pushing a machine, "driving" a truck, and going up and down on a lift gate??

Pretty much if it involves getting dirty, and doing something crazy, Lovebug is all about it.

I am sure Pop Pop is just foaming at the mouth to get this kid on a truck and laying out stencils in a parking lot. He hasn't seen this kind of enthusiasm for work in, well.. ever!
Let's just hope it lasts another 14 years until he can legally be put to work!!


Wordless Wednesday... Naptime for Babies

Lovebug was so beat from our long weekend that he quietly curled up next to my big belly, and took a nap with his brother or sister to be. We don't usually allow naps on the couch, but this Kodak moment was too sweet to pass up... so the babes napped together.



I am touched by the outpouring of support I have received from my loyal readers (who knew they even existed?!).

I am going to continue to search out ways to keep myself and my family safe from perverts who sit on their Mom's couch searching for all things creep-tastic, that is for sure. I have contacted a few other Mommy Bloggers (Moggers?) to see what precautions I can take.

In the meantime, while I am busy trying to not stop blogging (I do love it) ....

Our friends from the gym threw us a small BBQ this weekend to celebrate the upcoming arrival of LittleBug! It was low key and casual, exactly as we had hoped.

My friend's sweet Mom gave me this awesome picture frame from Hallmark. I know it is probably for kid's to make recordings on, but I took this as an opportunity to frame this pic of Lovebug and I, and record a goodnight message for him to listen to while I am at the hospital.

So far, I am pretty impressed at how this frame is holding up, being that Lovebug pushed the button 94 times in 30 seconds and made me sound like a rapper.

I also asked a dear, amazingly creative, friend of mine to draw on my belly at the Shower. I picked up two packages of Washable Markers and just relaxed in a chair while she went nuts on my belly. It was so nice because Husband was stuck on Lovebug duty and I got to relax with my girlfriends, boo-yah!

First, she went abstract.. and then, like any true amazing artist, got frustrated and changed her mind.

So she stopped here....

And then started this business... which of course I had to take a picture of to even SEE!

She was so patient with me and my kicking babe... who is apparently very ticklish!

The finished product, a song lyric from our family favorite song by James Taylor

Sorry no Chalkboard Countdown picture this week.... it is currently filled with a list of 20 names; that Husband has said "NO" to! Yup, you read that right... TWENTY! As in the number after 19! That is a whole classroom full of unacceptable names!! We are scheduled for 3 weeks from today for the ol' C-Section fabulousity, and this babe still has no friggin' name, no big deal right??

I love that our friend's have started to tell Husband that he no longer has a say because he is so freaking picky. Love, Love, Love that.

Husband are you reading this?

No Say for You!



I love this blog.

It helped me find myself when I was lost in being a new mom, and taking care of everyone other than, well, me.

I believe this blog has helped our friends and family, near and far, stay closer to us through pictures, and stories of our growing Bug(s).

I believe this blog has helped me use a little bit of my college education (as my Uncles like to tease my father), and made me feel like I have something that is just for me.

I believe that I have found true followers, who will email me, and comment, when I don't post regularly... if only because they are bored at work, and looking for something to do.

But now I am torn. This is the second time since I began my blog that I have questioned whether or not to continue.

The first time, I wrote a post and said something about how you will never see pictures of my Bug nakey in the bath online (not actual wording). Later that night, while I was checking my blog stats, I found that my blog had been found by search engine users searching things like bath tub, nakey, etc. The thought of pervs even finding my blog, letting alone looking at pictures of my fully clothed child, made me sick to my stomach.

I promptly deleted the wording for something less attractive to pervs, and went on my way.

Today, as I again checked my Search Engine Keywords, I was disgusted to see people found my blog by searching, "sprinkler," "shower," and a slew of other things that only pervs would go searching for online.

Come on people really?

I am saddened that I don't know more about the blog-osphere. I am sad that I don't know how to protect my pictures from being stolen. And I am sad that we live in such a crazy world, that I am now torn about whether or not to continue blogging with pictures... which my brother says, is the only reason people read.

Would you continue visiting if I made this a picture free zone??

Would anyone even notice if this blog was gone altogether?? Anyone?? Bueller??

Too Damn Hot, And Other Babbling

It is too damn hot to do anything, even post blogs.

We have been keeping ourselves holed up in the house, basking in the glory that is Central Air.

Lovebug and I have been lucky enough to have some visitors this week, so I have had the opportunity to get a lot done and ready for the arrival of the bambino.

Next on the list is packing up the presents that Little Bug will give to Lovebug when they meet for the first time at the Hospital.

This is a tradition that my mother started with when we were little. The newest addition brings "presents" for the older siblings... yes, it is sugar coating, it is bribery, it is kind of sneaky...but it works.

Other than the heat and present wrapping / nesting my face off.... Lovebug is changing more everyday.

This week, he stopped calling the mailman, "The Mimi," and started actually calling him "The Mailman".

Boo... a tiny piece of baby-hood... gone, time moves too fast! Damn you rotating Earth, why wont you stand still?!

He has also started as asking us to actually read him a story, not just make up the words and look at the pictures.
I know. It is insane.

He will actually sit through all of the words, and not rip, or eat the pages. It feels like he is practically studying for the SAT's... how did he get so old?

Lovebug is also singing all of the words, (although not always in the right order) to James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James," which is the lullabye we have sang to him since he was born. I cant even friggin' believe it... or get a half way decent video to show you, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Other than that we are staying cool, and waiting on Little Bug.

I pray every night for a safe and healthy C-Section (Oh how I love you C-Section), and a baby that will pop out and tell us it's name. Until then, I roast in the heat and listen to Husband tell me a fafillion reasons I cant name he or she whatever I want.


Multi-Purpose Sprinkler

Summer means 3 or 4 baths and showers a day for Lovebug.

Seriously, do all boys get this dirty??

Lovebug starts the day with a shower with Daddy, and then a shower on his own before naptime (usually thanks to the sandbox/tractor/bike/walks/parks, etc).

After naptime, he usually gets so dirty (doing who knows what) we have another shower before going to the gym in the evening; where he will inevitably get disgusting climbing on tires, and need another shower before bed.

Last night, I pulled his sprinkler out, and gave him a good old fashioned yard shower. We have a no nakey in the front yard rule, so he was also wearing clothes for his shower. Probably not very effective. Oh well.
The harder he plays, the dirtier he gets, the better he sleeps!!

Wordless Wednesday

That's Husband running with the log... Cant wait to get back in the gym 100% and be apart of this craziness!


Free Fun

The blogosphere is a buzz with Mommy bloggers listing ways they plan to have some good old fashioned fun this summer.

Lovebug and I on the other hand, prefer to catch our fun as it happens, the way my siblings and I did when we were kids.

I am pretty positive my mom never wrote down a list of activities to complete each summer, and she definitely didn't rip them up into tiny pieces and pull them out of a hat week by week. We are more fly by the seat of our pants folks for sure.

So, when I was driving around the block and saw a mini construction site had set up shop just 5 houses down, I knew what our stimulation for the morning would be.

You know you are officially a "Boy Mom" when the sight of a dump truck excites you.

I try very, very hard to ensure that Lovebug does one activity in the morning (to tire him out for his nap), and one post nap (to tire him out for bed).

Lovebug was in little boy Heaven, and these guys were totally cool about letting him into their construction vehicle thinga-ma-jiggies.

I am pretty sure Lovebug loves that his Mama is not shy, and will walk up to any construction site, anywhere, any time, and ask if he can have a seat in their trucks.

I have a feeling his love for my boldness will last until right around Middle School, when he will promptly hate me and think I am the most embarrassing Mom on the planet.

Oh well, at least I am cool now.

Special thanks to Skinny Sis, who took one for the team and climbed into the Bobcat with Lovebug.
 You know my big ol' pregnant booty wasn't about to do it!


Bunny Update

They are gone. Boo. We don’t know where they went or when they left, but their little tiny hole is empty, and we are so sad.
We did some googling before their disappearance, and found out that Mama Bunnies keep their distance so that predators will not know where to find the babies. We also learned that the Mama’s milk is so rich that she can get away with feeding them only twice a day, once in the morning, and once late at night.
We aren’t sure exactly how 10 tiny little bunnies vanished from a hole in the center of our yard without us noticing, but we are so hopeful that they will come back.
Lovebug asks (begs) for them every day.
 I am considering buying some damn bunnies and sticking them in the hole to shut him up.
Don’t judge me.


Naming Little Bug

For those of you that are wondering if we have come up with a name for Little Bug... the answer is still, sadly, no.

I have friends who are using their lunch break to google names for us. I sit every night searching and searching for that one name that will be a perfect combination between my taste and Husband's... and still, nothing.

Last night I spent hours clicking through the 2011 Gerber Generation Photo Search.

I like to consider myself pretty open minded, and non-judgemental, but couldn't help posting some of the most interesting names I came across for you to see for yourselves.


Cloud. Boy.
Popeye. Girl.
Stormie & Skye. Twin girls.
Mahogany. One boy, one girl.
Promise. Girl.
Mattingly. Girl.
Pepper. Girl.
Karma. Girl.
Galaxy. Girl.
Persephonie. Girl.
Catcher. Boy.


This & That

I have to admit... I am too friggin' busy to sit down and think of something entertaining to blog about. I am in nesting overdrive, and every time I think I have one second to relax (translation... cross something off my list) Lovebug has to go potty so I am up and running.

Potty training a boy is a full time job. I'd say he is trained 100% except for naps and bedtime, though it is still hard ass work. You are essentially training yourself when to ask, how to position him and "it" just right, and how to dodge in case the "fire hose" goes crazy and sprays your flip flops. You gotta point that thing down, or you are bound to get wet.

Anyway, between buying organizing tools at Target, building a new shoe rack at 1 am, and play dates... I just don't have the energy to think of something clever to say to blog land.

Couldn't find the real hammer, but Lovebug's John Deere did the trick in a pinch!

Lack of energy aside, my closets are all organized, GoodWill has received 15 boxes of crap I cant believe I had in my house, and I am feeling ready, tired, and ready (yes, ready twice).

For all you judgers and worry warts out there, I have also cut down my work outs to 4 times a week, sometimes even three. And by "work outs," I mean I am taking it easy, and doing enough to keep myself sane, no jumping rope, no running... Baby needs more time to cook!

Let's not forget I still have that other little guy to keep entertained, stimulated, and well rested (he prefers the entertainment, I prefer the rest).

Here are some pictures from yesterday's fun with Lovebug's little friend Squeak (not his real name folks); who talks when he feels like it, and squeaks when he doesn't.

It is adorable, and I cant get enough of it... sometimes I wish Lovebug would love squeak instead of love chatter box my face off.

I am so proud of him, and how advanced he is verbally, but the kid doesn't stop talking all. day. long.

Last night he yelled, "Alright, lunch time!" at 3 am, sound asleep!

Here's hoping I have more energy tomorrow to show you new bunny pictures, and all sorts of other Lovebug land goodness.


Our Bunnies

It's become habit around here to check on the bunnies in the morning when we wake up, and at night before bed.

I am sure someone would say to leave those babies the eff alone, but we are very concerned because the Mama Bunny hasn't been back to see her babies! Not to mention a looming hawk always perched overhead, we just cant help ourselves... we want to protect our little yard pets!

Since I am still too scared to go near their nest on my own (I have nature issues), Lovebug and I wait patiently for Husband to get home from work until we take a look at the bunnies. Husband picks up his trusty wiffle ball bat which he uses to push aside the top of the nest (I wont let him touch it in case the Mama is around), and we peer in to make sure they are all still snuggly.

We aren't really sure what to do about feeding them, or mowing our lawn.

Should we let the jungle grow back?

Should we hope that Mama Bunny is sneaking back at night and feeding them??



Wordless Wednesday

This child loooves to drive!
(Not pictured are the 42 foot RV, and the Harley he"drove" this weekend !)


That’s What Friends Are For…

Today was an amazing day, in that, “unless you're a Mother you wouldn’t understand” kind of way.

One of my closest friends drove 2 ½ hours from another state to help me prepare for Little Bug’s arrival. She was here exactly 4 hours and we got more done in that time than I have gotten done in 4 months. Not really, but almost.

I have been having trouble sleeping, worrying about how I am ever going to get ready for Little Bug all on my own, while still taking care of Lovebug. It has been keeping me up at night to the point where I want to fold onesies instead of sleep. Not really a good idea, especially since I am about to start losing some serious sleep in the next few weeks.

Husband travels for work way too much, and just doesn’t have the energy at the end of the day to start checking things off his “Honey Please I am Begging You,” list.

So, my good friend made the long trek and we went to work.

In four hours we…

-         Folded 50 (give or take)  items of newborn clothing (that has been freshly washed in Dye / Fragrance Free detergent).
-         Hung 50 (give or take) items of unisex clothing, in their size appropriate spot (thanks to these puppies, which a woman must have invented).
-         Wiped down and disinfected the entire nursery; bookshelves, changing table, crib.
-         Raised the crib mattress to appropriate newborn height, put on fresh sheets.
-         Cleaned out underneath the crib (which I highly recommend to mothers of boys… lots of surprises under there!)
-         Disinfected and put fresh sheets on the cradle where Littlebug will sleep at night next to our bed.
-         Brought out the pack n play, disinfected and attached the newborn top to it.
-         Moved a table and a lamp upstairs, making room for the pack n play in the living room for easy access after C-section, (since stairs pretty much suck for the first two weeks).
-         Emptied drawers in both Master bedroom nightstands to be used as diaper drawers (for those wonderful late night diaper blowouts).
-         Went through Lovebug’s toys; made piles for “baby” toys, “Good Will” toys, and “Garbage” (for loose pieces with no home).
-         Put away Lovebug’s laundry.
-         Did two loads of laundry.
-         Played with the baby bunnies.
-         Had an amazing lunch.

It is times like these, when you really start to appreciate the people who will do whatever it takes to make your life easier.

My friend drove two hours to help me move toys, and clean house… and, she brought a jumbo sized box of diapers with her!

If that isn’t a true friend, I don’t know what is!

PS… Good thing she came when she did, because the weeks are passing quickly!!! Only five more to go!!


Not The Mama!

((Does anyone remember this show??))

So much traveling and running around means our yard is seriously suffering... as in the grass is up to my calves.

No one is a fan of the jungle yard except Billy the Bunny, whom has been sleeping in the center of our yard for two weeks. Lovebug and I named the sweet little rabbit, and have been trying to feed him, but Billy is very particular and not a fan of our lettuce.

Anyway, today Husband decided it was time to cut the grass... since we couldn't even see Lovebug in it anymore (not really, but kinda).

After the yard was tamed, I peaked out the window and our lawn was hopping... for real. I called Husband to see and there were 10 little baby bunnies, bouncing all over the place... so new that their eyes weren't even open!!

Billy was actually a Billie!!!!

Husband walked around the whole yard, making sure no bunnies were harmed in the cutting of the jungle. Sadly, he found one little guy having some trouble, so he bent down and pet it.

Within an hour, all the bunny babes were safely back in their nest, except for the one Husband touched. That one was instead, following Husband all around the yard.

Poor little bunny thought Husband was it's mother!!! It took awhile, but Husband guided it back to the bunny nest in the middle of our yard, safe and sound. It snuggled right in, and to my surprise, was not disowned by it's siblings.

Me? I was busy laughing my head off at this teeny, tiny little bunny hopping everywhere Husband went... for just a few minutes, I was the dad. I was the one that got to watch, while the mom took care of everything. It was hysterical, and relaxing.

Men have it good.


Details, Details...

We are nearly done with the Big Boy Room... I know, we said we'd do it in a week, well, we didn't... oh well.

(To catch yourself up on all the eleventy fafillion other Big Boy Room posts, go here, here, or here.)

Lovebug has been snoozing away in there for some time now, his Nursery a distant memory to everyone but me... sigh.

As far as the men of the house are concerned, the Big Boy Room is long finito... but not Mama. Nope, us ladies always have something else up our sleeves (my dad is rolling his eyes right now for sure).

Anyway, I finally convinced Husband to hang some of Lovebug's goodies on the walls... and that's where we are now.

He has a ton of small-ish things to go around, but Husband wants me to inter-search (my new word for googling for hours) for a large framed picture of a dump truck. I, on the other hand, have enlisted the help of Pop Pop to find me a giant MEN AT WORK sign... here's hoping he pulls through on the free art.

In the meantime, get a load of these details.

The trim goes all the way around the room with decals from This Place making Lovebug squeal with delight every time he looks at them; for real.

The shelves were collecting dust for years until I gave them a coat of spray paint and a new life in Lovebug's room.

Yup, that is Lovebug's real name for all of blog-land to see. This was a gift from a friend whose talented mother has been hand painting these personalized pieces for years.

Because Lovebug is the only grandchild, also making him the only niece or nephew for my siblings... let's just say he is a tad spoiled. Okay, I'll be honest... the kid is friggin' spoiled soggy, smelly, rotten. He is just so lucky. 

Somewhere along the spoiled rotten line, my family started buying Lovebug Pez dispensers, since they were giving him something literally every time they laid eyes on him.  It is the perfect solution to wanting to spoil him, help him start a collection, and not fill my house with junk.

Lovebug usually eats the candy that comes with the pack and then forgets they even have candy (since mean Mommy doesn't know or care where the heck you can buy Pez refills). He loves his big collection, and we are secretly hoping all these $1.50 Pez dispensers will someday be worth money like Beanie Babies and pay for college.

What? A mom can dream.

I love this vintage-y school bus from Brother, and think he looks kinda cool all by himself just hanging out.

This piece was also a gift, and I sadly know nothing about the artist, or where you can order one for yourself. She did however, do a fabulous job. The little boy is wearing a shirt with Lovebug's full name on it, while the bear is carrying a flag with the details of his birth on it. Such a nice gift.

These are the letters that almost got me kicked out of the country for spray painting the porch. I picked them up at Micheal's for $2 a piece, plus $0.50 for the ribbon, I had the spray paint on hand. Not bad for $12.50.

If you look reaaally close, you can see the bi-fold doors are child proofed... you can check out this amazing site for all kinds of fantastic ways to make your own babe super safe.

That's it for the details until Husband gets his hammer and nail back out to finish off the walls... until then, I promise I wont bother you with anymore Big Boy Room posts unless it's the full finished product.


Weight Matters??

I had a fantastic visit with the ol' Baby Doctor today, who is thrilled with the bambino's progress and thinks I may go earlier than expected!

My exact thoughts were, "Yay, and oh shit"... at the same time... "Yaoh Shit!"

Mr. Doctor Man is laughing and loving that the bun in the oven is measuring a week past where I am right now. Translation: I am almost 34 weeks, and Baby is measuring at almost 35 weeks... this means I have a large little one in my womb.

I was slightly nervous that I haven't gained weight in almost 2 months, but Mr. Doctor Man explained that that means the little guy (girl?) is eating all my food, getting big and strong like it should be!

Doctor Man also told me that weight is actually a terrible way to predict the health of Mommy and Baby.

For example, a woman who gained 80 pounds has a 6 pound baby... Hmmm.... can she really blame all that weight on a 6 pound baby?? I don't think so. Maybe on gestational diabetes, but not a little peanut baby.

Legend has it my Grandmother gained 14 pounds while pregnant with my twin uncles... who came out weighing a combined total of 13 pounds.

What the heck? I know.

But then I remember, my grandmother had 4 other children to worry about... no time to eat bon-bons when you are a child chasing machine.

I had the most glorious, delicious pregnancy with Lovebug. I sat my big booty on the couch and ate my way to a 37 pound (really 39 if you consider I gained and lost in the beginning) weight gain. Imagine my disappointment when they didn't pull a 37/39 pound baby out of me.

Boo... you mean I have to work to get this weight off? Damn it.

I totally recommend women do that for themselves. Eat and be jolly and happy and comfortable for your first pregnancy. However, if you get as big as this chick who carried EIGHT babies, you may need an intervention.

When your second baby comes around, you are too damn busy with your first to sit and munch away on everything in sight... instead you are like Forrest... RUN-NANG!

So far with this baby, I am holding strong at a 22 pound weight gain, with a little less than 6 weeks to go. My first pregnancy I would have said unequivocally, 100% weight matters, and lots of it... because I was packing it on!

But after Mr. Doctor Man gave me a big happy smile about how wonderful Baby #2 is doing, I changed my mind.

All that matters is how the babe feels in your belly. Doctor Man says Baby is head down, ready for take off... he laughed and agreed that 6 more weeks may be pushing it, and perhaps we'd have a July, not August baby.

Better go have a cupcake now, while weight doesn't matter.

Multi- Tasking Mommy Wish List

Though some people have a small shower for their second baby... I am not, so I did not "register" for Baby Numero Dos.

I don't really need that many new things, and also would never feel comfortable with a bunch of people buying stuff for a baby that is not theirs, two years after they did it for Lovebug.

However, we all know that when you first register, you sign up for a bunch of crap that you will inevitably not use. And, being that this time around I have another child to tend to, our needs have changed. So, I got to thinking about my Multi-Tasking Mommy Wish List, and this post was born.

Husband and I have been slowly chipping away at this list, saving, and buying items one at a time; as nothing is cheap when it comes to kids (except making them!).

Okay, onto the Wish List.... which is growing shorter by the day, (thank you Husband).

Having a newborn AND a two year old means I will need to use my hands as much as possible... enter the backpack diaper bag.

Sadly, the market for such an item is basically geared towards men, or is just plain old weird. Take this little number for example...

What the hell is with the fringe?? Where does one need to go with such a bag and a baby??

Anyway, after a little googling, I found this guy to be acceptable.

It's not EXACTLY what I was looking for (I was hoping for something cuter to be honest), and it may or may not be too big; but it has all the features I am looking for. This bag boasts a built in diaper hammock so the diapers stay on top, also a built in wipes compartment, two bottle holders, and a changing station. It is by no means small, but it looks to offer just the type of functionality a mom like me would need. The bonus: It's on my back, not thrown over my shoulder.

I am obsessed with my Ergo, like, to a ridiculous degree. I could seriously talk your face off about how wonderful this product is. It is so fantastic, that I am begging Husband to buy me my own new one. I purchased the one I used with Lovebug second hand, because I wasn't sure if I'd like it.

You would never know we are actually at a Pumpkin Patch by the looks of this picture..

But since I used it every. single. day... I think I deserve my own new pretty one, with an infant insert for Little Bug to snuggle up tight.

Though I have never used one myself, I am also dying for a Moby Wrap, which I have heard AH-MAZ-ING things about.

You see the hands free trend we have going on here?? Mama is a busy bee... and Lovebug is a hands on kinda kid.

Lucky for me I have found a Baby Wearing Swap on http://www.babycenter.com/ and am on the hunt for a second hand number, to see if I love it first before buying new. It looks a tad tricky to put on, but from what I hear, you put it on in the AM, and keep it on all day, just keep taking baby out. Anything is better than that God awful Baby Bjorn!!

I'm not sure if this is something I will actually need or not, but I am thinking a double umbrella stroller would be a great thing to have come next summer... when the babes are 3 and 1... any mom's out there have any input on this??

Oh yeh, and there is one more thing I have been dreaming of day in and out.... A NAME! We have no baby name!!

If you could all kindly post comments to my Husband about how he has no business veto-ing all my names... I would greatly appreciate it!
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