Two, Part Two

Lovebug's birthday was a huge success from the moment he opened his eyes (at 8:30 am, thanks to late summer nights and room darkening curtains... whoot whoot!!!).

I heard him stir, and fuss, calling for me before he was even really awake. And then, "Balloons!!! Mommy, so many balloons!! Daddy, Balloons!!"

My mother taped balloons to our walls the night before our birthday my entire childhood, and we plan to do the same for our children. It starts your birthday off the minute you wake up, which is pretty cool.

Lovebug was all about it. I just blew up a few balloons and carefully, and quietly tossed them in his room in the middle of the night. I didn't bother with tape because, well, he is two, and excited about a balloon on the floor.

From there Husband made him a foot tall stack of pancakes, which Lovebug couldn't even believe. He was pointing and touching every single pancake. Of course, some of them were for us too, but seeing his eyes widen at a huge stack of food was hilarious.

We hit up a small, semi-pathetic local parade that was just enough to get Lovebug excited and sleepy. He loved the fire trucks and people watching as usual, he is totally his father's son... nosey men.

We played in the yard for hours and Lovebug got to drive the tractor with Daddy, his all time favorite thing ever.

Skinny Sis, Lovebug's Godmother, came for a birthday dinner of Lovebug favorites: corn, hotdogs, and cake.

Being that he is two, too many presents tend to over stimulate him and get forgotten about, so we kept it simple. We let Skinny Sis have a chance to give him her bubble toys first, and they played together in the yard like the two best buds that they are.

That's a nice looking shed!

From there we gave him his own gardening tools, which are more a present for me, being that he is forever stealing my shovel and pitchfork. I feel much safer with these plastic numbers around. He now has his own shovel, rake, and hose thing-a-majigger... which he couldn't work on his own, but I give him a week.

The show stopper was a ride on motorcycle, which he is OB-SESS-ED with. And, he has to wear the helmet at all times. I love that he is into pretending now, and is forever telling me that he is a "motorcycle man".

Note the swing set junk at the road... that piece didn't make the cut

A personality all his own is coming out more and more everyday. He was all about the "Happy Birthday" song, and asked us to sing it three times, for real... he was smiling and looking at Husband, Skinny Sis, and I like we put the stars in the sky.

We tried like Hell to get a family picture, but all that stimulation meant he was a wild man basket case and couldn't sit still. I wish I hadn't deleted them off my camera because in hindsight, the blur that is Lovebug flying across the picture is actually pretty damn funny.

At the end of the day, he dropped like a hot potato when we put him down for the night... but not before saying, "Thank you Mommy and Daddy," for his "Happy Day Day," gifts.

Sorry, I am not into Mommy Bragging Blogging, but we are so proud... manners at two years old are hard to come by!

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