One Diaper a Day...

Yup, you read that right... we are now a one diaper a day family.

Two weeks ago, Skinny Sis let Lovebug play in his kiddie pool wearing his birthday suit and nothing else.

Don't worry, he was on our deck... where no one can see or be offended by our hippie child.

 It had been weeks since I'd pushed potty training, or even really spoken to Lovebug about it, but I grabbed the potty anyway just in case.

Husband, Skinny Sis and I sat down to lunch while Lovebug played sans clothes. We weren't bothering him, or him us, so when he got up out of the pool, walked over to the potty and went both 1 and 2... we were shocked.

No one had encouraged him, he just did it. And that was when I said okay, potty training it's on.

Since then, Lovebug has worn only one diaper a day, which he actually wears at night... so, one diaper for bed. And a pull up for nap time. That's it.

Though he isn't 100% trained yet, I have learned a few important things about the process, being that this is more or less our second go at it...

1- Everyone needs to be on board... Mom, Dad, Baby, Grandma, Grandpa, Babysitter. If one person is lazy and lets him use his diaper, he will use his diaper.

2- Bring the potty with you. Everywhere. When we go out, I bring 2 extra pairs of pants, 2 extra pairs of undies, and one Pull Up. I tell myself if he has two accidents, I will give up and put the Pull Up on him... this has yet to happen. I've carried the same Pull Up with me for 2 weeks.

3- Expect accidents, and don't get mad.

4- Embrace the weirdness; Cause it's bound to get a little kooky. One day Lovebug pooped in the potty, and Husband cheered and told him it looked like "dog poop" and was really proud. I have no idea why. But now, every time Lovebug poops he wants to know if it looks like a turtle, or a cow. Suddenly all of his poop looks like an animal. I don't get it, but if it keeps the shit in the potty, out of a diaper and off of the floor, I'll play along.

As time goes on, we are hoping Lovebug will continue to be a potty pro, and eventually give up the one Pull Up, one diaper a day bidness. I have to be honest, had I continued to push Senor Potty between May and June, he'd probably be done by now, but I got lazy... and as much as you are training them, they are training you.

Which is why, if he wants to sit on the potty outside, with a cowboy hat, and a measuring cup... I am happy to let him.

I'm pretty sure potty etiquette comes after the initial training, but I'll let you know.

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  1. I had to "lay off" the potty training with our Litlle Miss for a while. She was inconsistent about it, and I got so tired of fighting her on it. We kind of just let it be for a bit, and one day she woke up and asked to us it...and never looked back.

    Funny how kids are like that.

    Glad to see Lovebug on board.



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