It's Come to This...

Naming a person is no easy task.

The problem isn't really that there are no names that we like; the problem lies more in everyone else on Earth.

Every so often, like, every 1,000 names I search, Husband and I will find one name we agree on. Without fail, the very next day, we will see someone who tells us... "take any name BUT ________ (insert whichever name we actually finally agreed on here)".

To make matters worse, these people are ALWAYS, ALWAYS ones with ZERO children, and, yup, you guessed it... ZERO babies in their bellies.

Maybe you don't find this as annoying as we do. But when someone comes up to you and says, "Hey, I know I am not pregnant and/or having a child anywhere in the near future, but do me a favor and don't name your child XYZ."

That is the equivalent of saying, "Here is a lovely cheese pizza, I'm not hungry right now, and you are, but don't eat it... leave it right there looking delicious, and starve."

SO... since we still have no baby names on the horizon  baby names that we are allowed to actually use on the horizon, it's come to this...

My family tree.

It was made in 1950 and is old as hell, but super interesting. I actually did find one or two names on the tree that Husband and I have already discussed once or twice.

One thing is for sure, Lovebug is getting bored of name searching. Because while Mama Bug searched, Lovebug snoozed.

Nothing like a cuddly sleeping baby, (with the perfect name)!

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