I Am An Idiot...

I'll give you one guess what I've been up to lately??

Yup, spray painting everything in sight for Lovebug's Big Boy Room walls (did you get that?),

Don't worry, I am doing it outside, WITH a mask on... just in case any of my neighbors worry/give a shit about my pregnancy health... ya'll know I hate to be judged!

Anyway, to absolutely no one's surprise, I did something really freaking stupid while spray painting. Which is why, I usually leave these tasks to Husband, but he of course, had put it off, put it off, put it off (sound familiar to anyone else?)... so I did it myself.

On the front porch, on a garbage bag.
You know where this is going.

I overshot the bag, and when I picked it up, my front porch had a blue square on it. I didn't take a picture, because, I thought I was a dead woman and not really concerned about photographic evidence.

My first thought was, "Husband is going to kill me."

That was also my second and third thought to be honest.

Then I called my sister, who works for my father (a painter) and she told me I could buy paint thinner, or wait 30 years for it to come off.

Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

Google surprisingly had little to say about the situation. Some people suggested using some heavy duty stuff from Home Depot, but also cautioned to wear protective gear and masks. Let's not forget I am 8 months pregnant, so that seemed like a pretty shitty option to me, plus I didn't want the blue spot to look different than the rest of the porch.

As I started packing my bags for Mexico... I got to thinking.

Maybe he wont notice?? He does come home late at night, maybe I could just keep the porch light off... forever??

And then I remembered that once my mom told me that Dawn dish soap is used to pick up oil spills on the highway.

Who knows if this is actually true, (my mom spews a lot of nonsense) but I decided to go for it.

And for all you idiots out there like me, looking to clean spray paint off smooth surface concrete?? I'll have you know that Dawn dish soap, a small scrubby sponge, and some water will do the trick!

(I used a scrubby kind of like these, from the Dollar Spot at Tar-Jay)
 That paint did not stand a freaking chance!

The porch is as good as new and I get to stay in the country!


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