Don't Judge Me...

If I have said it once, I have said it a fafillion times. Stay at Home Mom's need something for themselves.

I know some Mom's that work part time, or coach soccer, lead Brownie troops, do photography... me? I have my blog. And I work out. It's my thing, it's what makes me happy, it gives me time to center myself, and be with adults.

My long time readers know I don't go to an average gym, hop on the treadmill and go for a stroll. I am actually apart of a fantastic, supportive community at our gym, where we Crossfit.

We use a ton of language that non-Crossfitters would not understand, so I will keep this simple.

My good friend, fellow stay at home mom, and budding photographer was kind enough to come take some pictures of me working out last week. I decided traditional maternity pictures were once again this pregnancy, not for me. The idea of draping a sheet over myself naked and staring off into space is totally and 100% not me... but these pictures are.

For those of you having a heart attack right now; Don't worry, the weight over my head is not nearly as heavy as it looks, in fact, it is just over 50 pounds (Lovebug is close to 35 lbs, and I lift him all day everyday)... doing a handstand is something that comes easily and naturally to me, and jumping rope is totally okay.

I promise I don't push trucks, flip tires, or do anything that would ever jeopardize the health of my baby, or myself. I am very cautious. I make sure I can speak through every workout, wear a heart rate monitor, and stop immediately if anything ever feels even remotely "off". 

My biggest problem is honestly that I have to pee so freaking much now, which has nothing to do with working out, and everything to do with this baby planting itself firmly on my bladder.

Anyway, aside from one pregnant member; our gym also has members nearing 70, one under 12, and many people nursing injuries back to health through Crossfit. It IS appropriate for all fitness levels, and every single thing can be scaled... so please don't worry about Baby and I. 

We are a good team.

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