One Diaper a Day...

Yup, you read that right... we are now a one diaper a day family.

Two weeks ago, Skinny Sis let Lovebug play in his kiddie pool wearing his birthday suit and nothing else.

Don't worry, he was on our deck... where no one can see or be offended by our hippie child.

 It had been weeks since I'd pushed potty training, or even really spoken to Lovebug about it, but I grabbed the potty anyway just in case.

Husband, Skinny Sis and I sat down to lunch while Lovebug played sans clothes. We weren't bothering him, or him us, so when he got up out of the pool, walked over to the potty and went both 1 and 2... we were shocked.

No one had encouraged him, he just did it. And that was when I said okay, potty training it's on.

Since then, Lovebug has worn only one diaper a day, which he actually wears at night... so, one diaper for bed. And a pull up for nap time. That's it.

Though he isn't 100% trained yet, I have learned a few important things about the process, being that this is more or less our second go at it...

1- Everyone needs to be on board... Mom, Dad, Baby, Grandma, Grandpa, Babysitter. If one person is lazy and lets him use his diaper, he will use his diaper.

2- Bring the potty with you. Everywhere. When we go out, I bring 2 extra pairs of pants, 2 extra pairs of undies, and one Pull Up. I tell myself if he has two accidents, I will give up and put the Pull Up on him... this has yet to happen. I've carried the same Pull Up with me for 2 weeks.

3- Expect accidents, and don't get mad.

4- Embrace the weirdness; Cause it's bound to get a little kooky. One day Lovebug pooped in the potty, and Husband cheered and told him it looked like "dog poop" and was really proud. I have no idea why. But now, every time Lovebug poops he wants to know if it looks like a turtle, or a cow. Suddenly all of his poop looks like an animal. I don't get it, but if it keeps the shit in the potty, out of a diaper and off of the floor, I'll play along.

As time goes on, we are hoping Lovebug will continue to be a potty pro, and eventually give up the one Pull Up, one diaper a day bidness. I have to be honest, had I continued to push Senor Potty between May and June, he'd probably be done by now, but I got lazy... and as much as you are training them, they are training you.

Which is why, if he wants to sit on the potty outside, with a cowboy hat, and a measuring cup... I am happy to let him.

I'm pretty sure potty etiquette comes after the initial training, but I'll let you know.


I Am An Idiot...

I'll give you one guess what I've been up to lately??

Yup, spray painting everything in sight for Lovebug's Big Boy Room walls (did you get that?),

Don't worry, I am doing it outside, WITH a mask on... just in case any of my neighbors worry/give a shit about my pregnancy health... ya'll know I hate to be judged!

Anyway, to absolutely no one's surprise, I did something really freaking stupid while spray painting. Which is why, I usually leave these tasks to Husband, but he of course, had put it off, put it off, put it off (sound familiar to anyone else?)... so I did it myself.

On the front porch, on a garbage bag.
You know where this is going.

I overshot the bag, and when I picked it up, my front porch had a blue square on it. I didn't take a picture, because, I thought I was a dead woman and not really concerned about photographic evidence.

My first thought was, "Husband is going to kill me."

That was also my second and third thought to be honest.

Then I called my sister, who works for my father (a painter) and she told me I could buy paint thinner, or wait 30 years for it to come off.

Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

Google surprisingly had little to say about the situation. Some people suggested using some heavy duty stuff from Home Depot, but also cautioned to wear protective gear and masks. Let's not forget I am 8 months pregnant, so that seemed like a pretty shitty option to me, plus I didn't want the blue spot to look different than the rest of the porch.

As I started packing my bags for Mexico... I got to thinking.

Maybe he wont notice?? He does come home late at night, maybe I could just keep the porch light off... forever??

And then I remembered that once my mom told me that Dawn dish soap is used to pick up oil spills on the highway.

Who knows if this is actually true, (my mom spews a lot of nonsense) but I decided to go for it.

And for all you idiots out there like me, looking to clean spray paint off smooth surface concrete?? I'll have you know that Dawn dish soap, a small scrubby sponge, and some water will do the trick!

(I used a scrubby kind of like these, from the Dollar Spot at Tar-Jay)
 That paint did not stand a freaking chance!

The porch is as good as new and I get to stay in the country!


Wordless Wednesday

I didn't put that headband on him. Obviously.

He pulled it off my head while he was on our very own porta-potty in the back of my car.

Don't knock it... traveling with a potty is the key to success if you ask me.

Now let's talk about the sprinkler...
I can't even stand watching him run in and out, and in and out... it is hysterical and adorable.

I know your child does this too... I'm pretty sure all kids do it...

And that is why I want to just put them all in my pocket they are so cute.


The Playground

This is the time of year that Stay at Home Moms like me really hate the friggin' playground. Mainly because, it has gone from our quiet, just a few kids, morning routine... to a camp full of  maniacs supervised by twelve year olds.

The kids are ruthless; as I am sure Lovebug would be if he were being monitored by a 5th grader (who thinks that's a good idea anyway?). They push, they steal toys, they slam doors, and they smell. Okay, maybe they don't smell, I didn't actually get close enough to get a whiff, but they might.

Anyway, Lovebug and I found ourselves a midst a sea of barely-being-watched youngsters this morning, and it reminded me of this video I had seen once.

My extreme lack of patience for all, "Big bully children that are not my own," has me wondering just how much it would cost to install one of these puppies at our local playground.

That'll teach 'em.

The Countdown Continues

Seven weeks from today I go in for my scheduled C- Section. That is, if I make it that long. I am preparing and expecting to go early; not early like tomorrow, but the first week of August wouldn't be so bad.

In the meantime, while trying not to induce labor, we are making lists and checking them twice... doing double duty as we get ready for a newborn, while potty training, and transitioning Lovebug to his new room.

I spent hours, hours, hours... going through Baby clothes, sizing them, picking out what is unisex, folding, and placing them in drawers labeled 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, before I remembered that they all need to be WASHED in unscented, hypo-allergenic, free and clear detergent.

Look at all that yellow and green!


Stupid, stupid Mama.

I could have just stopped folding and started tossing the clothes into size sorted piles, then washed them, THEN fold them... but, it looked so nice, I just kept folding. And one day, when I have time, I will unfold the newborn clothes and wash them, but not today, or tomorrow.

We stopped using the free and clear detergent with Lovebug after we finished one bottle. We are not allergy people (knock on wood) so I am planning to do the same thing for Baby Bug too, (assuming and hoping he or she doesn't have any weird reactions to anything).

Aside from moving Lovebug out of one room, and preparing the nursery for Little Bug, we have also been putting the finishing touches on Lovebug's nursery decor (stayed tuned for more on that this week).

We also pulled out the bottles, the burp cloths, the bibs, the blankets, the cradle (more on that later too)... more or less making sure we are ready if I should decide to go into labor early.

You get the idea, I am in full blown nesting mode... which is not easy with a 2 year old running around.

Every time I get something done, I hear that wacko Paula Abdul in my head, telling me I took two steps forward, and two steps back.

Like when I re-organized the entire linen closet for 15 minutes... while Lovebug quietly pulled all of the sheets off of his Big Boy Bed, and threw them down the stairs.

Oh well, happy toddler = (tired) happy Mama.

Sibling Wanted

Lovebug saw the cat sitting in a laundry basket full of clean clothes, and hopped on in to join her.

He snuggled her, pet her, even choked her once (he is 2 after all), and she just let him, because she thinks they are best friends.

Poor little guy could really use a sibling, so he wont grow up to be some crazy cat kid.

I'm working on it Buddy, I'm working on it.


Getting Him to Eat

For the child who had a fever last week, and still doesn't want to eat... I earned myself the Bad Mother of the Day award when I let him do this:

Now, before you get your panties in a bunch... my kid is an "Eat today, Not tomorrow," eater. Those of you with toddlers know all about this breed of madness.

Me? I am more of an "Eat all Day and Night," eater, so my son is pretty much a wacko as far as I am concerned.

Who wouldn't want to taste all of the goodness the world has to offer every single day?? Lovebug that's who.

In addition to his lack of eating, he also hates to have cold things touch his teeth (waahhh), so I knew he wouldn't eat the whole friggin' gallon in one sitting. (Sidenote: He gets that particular breed of weirdness from his father).

He ate about 3 bites. A small victory for me, as I was beginning to think I was going to have to hold the kid down and cram food down his throat.

Now, when I put this roasted chicken in front of him (yes, on a blanket, on the couch, don't tell Husband)... it was a different story! My little caveman meat eater could have finished the whole thing! Noted for next time, try chicken, not ice cream.

I have a feeling even though I handed my kid a gallon of the good stuff, you still wont be seeing us on an episode of Maury anytime soon (warning: fat babies are actually no laughing matter, and the link provided may make you want to wring their mother's necks).

Growing Bigger Everyday

Last week the whole potty thing clicked.

Lovebug decided diapers were for babies and bedtime, and hasn't looked back.

Then, he decided it was time to sleep in his Big Boy room, and didn't even care, cry, fuss... nada.

Just made the transition seamlessly, like, "Oh hey, I'm a big boy, this is my room, get out Mom."

Yeah, it was like that.

So, with all this Big Boy progress, and a new baby on the way, I decided to see how far I could push this grown up thing.

I am not the most organized Mom.

I am pretty much your average "do the dishes from the night before in the morning, fold 3 loads of laundry at time, change the sheets once a week," type of Mom.

Keeping Lovebug stimulated, educated, well fed, and clean is what is important to me.

We are "Go to the park, playground, pond, farm, bike path," type of people.

Not the "Mop the floor and read books over tea every morning," type, or "Lay around the house and watch TV all day," type either.

We're busy, you get it.

But, being busy means organization sometimes takes a backseat.

I am no Katie Bower or Young House Love (my favorite bloggers) over here.

I am a real life Mom with real life messes in my car, so when I tell you that I came up with an "organizational" (for lack of better word) method that I am actually really, legit proud of... I mean it.

Husband and I decided to forgo the dresser in Lovebug's room to give him more room for activities (10 bonus points if you can name the movie!).

So, I set out to organize his little love closet, and as luck would have it, these little folded basket thingies we had from Tar-jay ($6.99 each) fit perfectly under his shelves.

Being that we don't have a dresser, I tossed Big Boy pants in one, and socks in the other.
All this and room to spare!
Oh yeh, he also has an entire other closet that is empty! Wooo!
I know, I know, eventually we will need a dresser, but not for a few more years, so for now, this works perfect.

Anyway, Lovebug is OBSESSED with touching clean laundry (which drives me insane). Enter his first "chore".

The only laundry Lovebug is now allowed to touch, is his Big Boy pants, which he now puts away. In their spot. In his closet. All by himself.

He goes in, pulls out the basket, and tosses in his stuff... he loves to do it!!

I am not some drill sergeant Mom, this just kind of happened, and I gotta say, I think it's pretty freaking awesome.

 Boys will be boys.

Next up on my Big Boy Room wishlist?? This space saving bookshelf, which is waaay too much money at Pottery Barn.... sigh.... Isn't she beautiful?


Gettin' Scrappy...

I am not the craftiest person... who has the time? But when I was pregnant with Lovebug, I did work extra hard on a scrapbook just for him. I am sure he will be thrilled one day (ha ha).

In his book I put the poem I wrote for my parents to tell them that I was pregnant. I also put the 20+ cards we got congratulating us on our good news, pictures of me pregnant, advice notes from my shower, even a special spot for letters from Mommy and Daddy.

Everyone told me continually, "You will not do this for your second child."

Those words have been pretty much haunting me this entire pregnancy, mostly because I am my parent's second child and I don't like to think that they did things different with their first, my brother (even though they probably did).

I have been planning a scrapbook for Little Bug in my brain for months now, but kept putting it off because scrapbooks are pretty damn expensive these days. Even at my BFF Tar-Jay, they want $25 for a scrapbook... too much mulah if you ask me.

Enter Micheal's, as in Arts & Crafts. I found a clearance bin with this puppy marked down to $2.99.

Yup, less than 3 bananas.

There were tons of them, but none were "unisex" enough for our surprise baby, so I grabbed this simple black and flowery jobby, and hoped I could make it work.

I also bought some stickers for $1.99, some contact paper for $3.99, and headed home, ready to nix the flower for something a little more "Boy or Girl" appropriate.

I found some scrap paper, threw the stickers on, and came up with this bidness.

Okay, I know I'm not Martha Stewart, but it will do the job!

Plus, you gotta admit it's not bad for nine bananas!



This happened last night.

Yup, that is Lovebug in his Big Boy bed, at night, for the first time. :Sigh:

I had heard horror stories from other parents about their child crying and begging for their crib, hating their new room, hours of screaming for weeks on end.

Not our Bug. He didn't even flinch.

In fact, he actually begged to sleep in there, climbed on up, and then said to me, "Mommy, can I have my night night (Bug speak for bottle)?"

I said, "Here you go sweet face, I love you. Are you okay, Mommy will be right downstairs if you need me..."

And he said, "Get out Mom."

Okkkay, as  you can tell he was reallly broken up about this transition.

So, while he dosed off without a second thought to me, and my neediness... I held back tears thinking about his empty crib, his empty nursery, my little big man, who grew up way too fast.

And then Husband came home, and told me to snap the Hell out of it.

He reminded me how lucky we are to have such a good boy, who handled the whole transition like it was no big thang; he told me to take a look at our 2 year old, and try to learn something.

As in grow the eff up Wife, if Lovebug can handle it, so can you.

I knew there was a reason I married that man.


Just Cause...

And, just because I love my followers and the 125 hits I have been getting a day (wooo hooo!), here is some fabulous Friday pictures of Lovebug for you.

You know you were looking for something to do at work right about now.

Happy Weekend!

(PS... If you are out there reading, and not a follower, please become one! Come on, you know you want to!)

Feet can now touch the pedals, check!

Isn't it funny how the sun glare made the car look like a cyclops?

It's a bird, it's a plane!

Beautiful bug

Sick Again...

If someone invented a medicine for kids that would work immediately, 100% of the time... they would be a millionaire.

I hate, hate, hate when Lovebug gets sick; especially when he is so hot and scalding with a bad fever, red skin, and sad eyes. Seriously, he may as well rip my heart out because I cant even take it.

Those of you that are parents know that all kids medicines basically have a peak time that they work. It takes about two hours, and then your child seems fine, for, oh, 45 minutes, before they are back to their fever and crankiness.

What the hell is up with that? Is that seriously the best we can do for these poor little munchkins?? Forty-five means of feeling good in a 4 hour window?? Doesn't seem like I am getting my moneys worth here people.

Just look at these pictures...

I was trying to snap this picture of his eyes, for my friend who is a children's eye doctor. Lovebug kept blinking and pouting, and crying, and being all hot and sticky and I couldn't take torturing him. His fever is around 101 here, and my anxiety level is around through the roof.

Not really because of the fever, but because I know my son, and he does not, not, NOT sit still on the couch. Nor does he shut up for very long. And at the point that this picture was taken, he hadn't eaten in around 6 hours, and wasn't talking much other than the huff, sigh, or say his eyes hurt (side note: they say 2-4 year olds say their eyes hurt when they have a headache, who knew?).

I gave him Tylenol, and begged him to drink something. Exactly two hours later, I got a few sips of water in him, grabbed his rain boots and told him he could jump in the puddles.

It was around 2 hours and 15 minutes when we got outside, and he started to bounce back to life... note the big boy pants in the pictures, yup, potty training is working (knock on wood).

You can tell his eyes are red and he doesn't feel well, poor little nugget

Lovebug lasted long enough to drink some Pedia Lite (ie; Gatorade/Miracle Juice for babies), and 10 Doritos before the medicine stopped working and he crumpled into a ball on my chest like this.

Sick Baby = Sad Mommy

Anyone out there know of any medicines for kids that work continuously, immediately, without delay??



Lovebug is into disappearing acts these days.

He loves to hide under a blanket (usually with his feet sticking out) and say, "Come find me!"

This is a cute little bit we do, and though it gets old after oh, the hundredth time in 10 minutes, I'd take if over what he did last night.

Actually, I should say this morning.

At 5 am I heard Lovebug crying and calling for me. I got up (no easy task these days) and headed for his room. Something about the cries stopped me. Oh yeh, they weren't coming from his room.

They were coming from downstairs.

The little nugget had climbed out of his crib, opened the door, walked down the hall, down the stairs, into the TV room, turned on the light, and fallen asleep... all by himself, in the DARK.

I know he had been sleeping down there because by chance Skinny Sis was sleeping here when it happened, and she heard what she thought was Husband get up an hour earlier and head downstairs. She had no idea it was actually Harry Houdini Bug.

He was crying by the time I got to him. The cat was smelling his face, as she typically does first thing in the morning to wake us up. She had probably woken him up and scared the poor little peanut.

I felt a bizillion emotions at once, shock, bewilderment, fear... what if we hadn't locked the front door? The back door?? What if he had opened the garage and played with tools?? Opened the dishwasher and played with knives??

The possibilities and "what ifs" are endless... Which is why, his door now looks like this...

Yes, those are jingle bells, better safe than sorry!


Once Upon A Time...

You may remember a few months ago, when once upon a time Lovebug somehow, someway, stole Dora the Explorer pajamas from an un-named big box store.

Said stolen jammies somehow got lost in the shuffle, and I told myself they kindly walked themselves back to the store where they belonged.

Well... Husband cleaned out his car today, and guess what he found?? Yup, stuffed all the way up under the driver's seat was a pair of Dora the Explorer pajamas.

And, because Skinny Sis was here when Dora was discovered, and she is a nut job  responsible, sweet Godmother, she told him since he stole them, he had to wear them.

Real big punishment, right?

Lovebug did not give a SHIT that they were pink, too small, and for girls... he was all about rocking Dora. He was thrilled...

For five whole minutes.

Long enough to snap this picture.. and then Husband ripped them off him, and tossed them in the trash (I know, I could have brought them to Good Will, but Husband wanted them out of sight, pronto).

It was fun while it lasted Dora, adios.


Alright Pregnancy...

You win. I'll admit it. I am tired.

At 31 weeks, I am finally starting to slow down, and really feel like this baby is coming for real.

I am also starting (continuing) to nest like a mad woman. For those of you who have never heard of "nesting," it is when pregnancy hormones take over and make you realize how cluttered (read: full of shit) your house is, and you turn into an organizing/cleaning/tossing in the trash freak.

When I was pregnant with Lovebug I nested to the point of no return. I organized and labeled Husband's tools. Alphabetically.

The tools have long since been tossed around, lost, and thrown into the tool box with absolutely no regard for my once anal alphabetizing. But, now that Little Bug is so close, those tools are starting to haunt me at night. I am twitching to get into that garage, purge it, organize it, and then take a nap.

Who am I kidding? Nap first, nest second.


Oh yeh. That happened.

This past weekend we headed North to my parent's "cabin" (actually a large log home), with some of our friends from the gym.

As to be expected, shenanigans ensued, and we had an amazing time. Thanks in no small part to the fact that A) our friends are awesome house guests, B) Good people + good weather + good food = good times and C) Lovebug's favorite babysitters were there and even allowed me to have some time to myself in the lake.

I know. I couldn't believe it.

This was the first time in 2 years that I have had the opportunity to just casually float with the adults, knowing that Lovebug was not only in good hands, but that the people with him weren't actually thinking, "Where the hell is his mother?"

In 15 years when Lovebug sees pictures of himself with his beautiful babysitters, he is going to love the stories I tell him about how he smacked them on their bikini clad booties with fly swatters, and rubbed their hair to put himself to sleep.

Our weekend was spent doing the opposite of what is expected of Crossfitters (sorry Coach). We ate like cows, they drank like fish, and we didn't work out... even once. We did however, walk up and down a path to the lake twenty-seven-thousand times, swim, and wrestle on one of those floating trampoline jobbies.

I have to admit that being nearly 8 months pregnant in a bikini, while my friends flaunted their amazing toned bodies in barely there bathing suits, was slightly trying on my self esteem. But, their time will come, and when they are pregnant, and bloated, I will take great pride in strutting around them in a bikini too.

Do you hear me girls??
Even if it's January, and there is snow on the ground, I am coming for you in a two piece!


It's Come to This...

Naming a person is no easy task.

The problem isn't really that there are no names that we like; the problem lies more in everyone else on Earth.

Every so often, like, every 1,000 names I search, Husband and I will find one name we agree on. Without fail, the very next day, we will see someone who tells us... "take any name BUT ________ (insert whichever name we actually finally agreed on here)".

To make matters worse, these people are ALWAYS, ALWAYS ones with ZERO children, and, yup, you guessed it... ZERO babies in their bellies.

Maybe you don't find this as annoying as we do. But when someone comes up to you and says, "Hey, I know I am not pregnant and/or having a child anywhere in the near future, but do me a favor and don't name your child XYZ."

That is the equivalent of saying, "Here is a lovely cheese pizza, I'm not hungry right now, and you are, but don't eat it... leave it right there looking delicious, and starve."

SO... since we still have no baby names on the horizon  baby names that we are allowed to actually use on the horizon, it's come to this...

My family tree.

It was made in 1950 and is old as hell, but super interesting. I actually did find one or two names on the tree that Husband and I have already discussed once or twice.

One thing is for sure, Lovebug is getting bored of name searching. Because while Mama Bug searched, Lovebug snoozed.

Nothing like a cuddly sleeping baby, (with the perfect name)!


Kinda Wordless Wednesday

And just like that, there's a new hat in town.

This one is a fedora type, from Old Navy... it was only around 10 bananas and Lovebug HAD. TO. HAVE. IT.

He calls it his "Old McDonald Had a Farm, E-I-E-I-O," hat... yes, every time. I call it his, "Makes him look kind of like a 75 year old man, slash cute as a dang button," hat.


The Best Buck I Ever Spent...

Screw the expensive toys. I found this fireman hat at Dollar Tree last week, and it is Lovebug's new favorite thing.

He has worn it in the bath, the shower, and even tried to nap with it on, though that didn't really workout the way he had hoped it would.

The other kid's all try to steal it from him... proving once again, kids do not need expensive toys, it is the simple things, the PEZ, the spatulas, the fireman hat that makes them happy.

Thank you Dollar Tree... I always knew I liked you.

Sidenote: He also loves this hat....

Though I feel kind of weird letting him wear it out in public.
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