Hunny and Pop Pop broke my golden rule of, "Do not buy my child a toy with 9 fafillion parts," when they gave Lovebug this farm toy for his Happy Day Day (cant believe he is almost 2!!!)

I have other rules too... no puzzles until 5, no stuffed animals, no guns.

I think puzzles before age 5 is just asking for pieces to be lost, and kids to cry.

Stuffed animals gather dust, and don't really do much of anything. Once you have two or three, you have enough.

Guns are a personal preference. I am not a fan of little kids running around with fake machine guns. I am also not a fan of the whole "baby mohawk," thing that people do now, but that's a whole other story.

Anyway, now that you all think I am a tight ass, looney tunes mother... back to my initial point.

The farm toy comes with approximately 30 pieces. Yay. That is 30 pieces that are going to go under my couch, in the bottom of the toy box, and if I am lucky; not UP someone's nose or DOWN someone's diaper.

However, despite my hatred for too many parts and pieces, I have to give credit where credit is due.

My house has been silent for a full hour as Lovebug sits quietly playing; loading the cows in and out of the tractor, raising the tiny elevator, putting the farmer to bed for a nap. And so, I am forced to ask myself, what is more important, having lots of large toys with no pieces but a lot of loud noise, or, a toy with tons of pieces, and silence??

I cant really make an educated guess at the answer because this is honestly the first time my house has been quiet in months.

So, maybe just this one time, Hunny and Pop Pop will get a pass. I wont kill them for buying a toy that has nine million parts (especially because, if for some reason we lose a piece, the toy will still work. It is not a toy that needs a specific cow to work, any cow will do!). Lovebug is not screaming, or even paying attention to me at all. He is using his imagination. Quietly. It is amazing to watch his little brain learning, on his own, without Mommy's help.

I love you farm toy. All billion pieces of you. I love you.

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