Sag Tale

I meant to do that. My sister used to call "Tag Sales," ... "Sag Tales," and this weekend, we had one of our own. A Tag Sale that is, or a Yard Sale, a Garage Sale... depending on where you're from, that's what we had.

It went okay, not great. I advertised on a few garage sale tracker websites, and also on my BFF Craigslist. We had about 40 people the first day. About 39 of them wanted to buy everything for a buck.

Of course, I forgot to take a picture in the beginning... and this was after a 2 year old and a 3 year old trashed the joint, but you get the idea.

You try selling toys with Lovebug and friends around..... couldn't keep it organized for 5 seconds!

The second day I called a local radio station that does free advertising for Tag Sales on Sundays and gave them our info. The DJ wanted me to get on the air and talk about all the stuff we were selling, but I figured, nothing is worth that-- I will just bring it all to Good Will before I will act excited about my crap in the yard.

Anyway, he made the announcement himself, and people started showing up the second he went off the air at 9:01.... even though he had just announced our sale was only from 10-1. Damn Early Birds.

We sold about $200 worth of that crap between the two days. I took a huge pile to Good Will, a pile of toys to the gym, and only a few things made it back into the house. The rest has been put aside for Craigslist and another Tag Sale next month.

Off to Good Will you go!

I was a Tag Sale virgin until yesterday and I have to say, if it weren't for the great weather, and all of our friends showing up to sit on our front porch, eat pizza, drink beer, and watch the Tag Salers... it probably wouldn't have been THAT exciting.

But, I am $200 richer. Which means...this big, beautiful, solid wood bed we bought the Lovebug this weekend, really only cost us $50.

Yup... Big Boy Room is coming together quickly!!

Stay tuned....

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