What you need to know before you read this quickie.

Husband got his wisdom teeth out. Lovebug went to spend the night at Hunny and Pop Pop's so I could take care of Husband and his swollen face.

Okay, on with the show.

A nurse calls me in to get the run down on how to care for my patient. I say, "Okay, okay, got it..." and leave Husband drugged up and giggling in the chair, while I sign for the GINORMOUS deposit.

I am making an appointment at the front desk when I hear someone say, "You have such cute dimples."

I am not used to being alone, we know this. I have had Lovebug by my side nearly every single minute/hour/day since he was born. I am used to hearing people tell him he is adorable, his eyes are so blue, his dimples so cute.

So, I hear these words and automatically look down, to where Lovebug would normally be standing, nine out of ten times.

"Lovebug... say thank you."

But he isn't there. I look to my other side, and then behind me. He isn't there either. I panic for 2 seconds, and then... Oh yeh, he is at Hunny and Pop Pop's.

I look up, in the direction of the compliment, surprised.

The nurse is staring at me like I am bat shit crazy.

"I am talking to you," she says, and then, "Are you okay to drive your Husband home??"

I couldn't help but laugh, I must have looked like a damn lunatic, ignoring her, talking to my feet, searching for an invisible Lovebug.

Oh well, Moms pretty much throw all shame and dignity out the window after labor, and breast feeding anyway.

The nurse laughed too... "Let me guess, you were looking for your child. People dont even acknowledge you most times, just go right for the baby."

"You're a mother?" I asked.

She laughed again, "Takes one to know one!"

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