My Mudder's Day

Facebook is a buzz with Mom's boasting about all of their Mother's Day bliss. Me?? I was on a Mountain, watching our family from the Gym compete in Tough Mudder, a 10 mile race with 28 obstacles, through snow, sleet, mud, and rain.

Oh yeh, I also had a baby on my back (not to mention the one in my tummy) for about 5 hours. No big deal. I didn't think much of it at the time, but now my legs are SCREAMING and I am hobbling around, cursing all those extra cookies I have been giving him.

Ten members of our gym ran the race; 8 finished. Two women dropped out on account of injury, hypothermia (not really, but close) and exhaustion. Someone else sprained his ankle stopping short somewhere on the Mountain, but finished anyway. Husband lost his shoe at Mile 2 in a huge mud pit, so he completed the last 8 miles with one shoe on. I know.

I couldn't believe it when I saw them at Mile 7, and they ran towards me asking for shoes. I was all, "What the hell are you talking about? I was supposed to bring extra shoes?"

Husband explained he found a nice woman who let him use her phone, and had left me a voicemail asking for shoes. Ohhhh... I did have a missed call from Providence, RI... and I never listen to my voicemails. Woops.

And you know what, Husband laughed, he didn't care. He was smiling. I was shocked and so proud. Husband did awesome in that race, with one freaking shoe on. And he bonded with our friends over something so few people can say they've completed, and actually done really well at.

I will say that the smile I saw on Husband's face at Mile 7, was one of the only smiles I saw all day. It was cold as hell, and windy, and snowy. The obstacles had ice cubes in them, and were in pools of freezing cold water, literally. Husband and friends said they may have enjoyed it more in August or September, so they could have warmed up a bit in the process.

Tough Mudder put on a hell of an event, and from a spectator's side, everything ran smoothly, everyone was super nice, and everything was clearly marked and done well. They obviously cant control the weather, and I think the brisk air, combined with the freezing obstacles put a downer on it for some folks. I did see one woman run smiling to her had to be less than one year old child, pick him up and give him a pick ol' muddy kiss. She was in fantastic shape, and ahead of the masses through all the challenges. She made everyone else look bad, and was totally enjoying her Mother's Day.

At the end of the day, my own "Mudder's" Day wasn't a "Facebook status perfect" kind of day. I didn't get breakfast in bed, or to relax in a bubble bath, or have a home made dinner from my Husband. But, I spent it with my family, and I was so freaking proud of Husband. My Lovebug took a cuddly snooze on my back, and woo-ed race goers with his sweet personality. I spent my day being proud of my boys, getting big muddy hugs and kisses, and feeling special in my own, kind of quirky, super messy way.

random Mudder's... doin' their thang

Lovebug's first bus ride, to the other side of the Mountain

There's our crew!

There is a lunatic!

Too much mud for this guy

Muddy and happy (?)

Three of our guys looking strong!

Husband killing it on the monkey bars

And this guy... happy as can be, as always!

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  1. This is awesome! Paul and i were considering it this year but I was way too out of shape and he was going to be away. Love that your team did the race though, my volunteers say its a blast.


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