Gettin' It Done

We were super busy over here at Casa de Bug this weekend. Blame it on Lovebug's upcoming 2nd birthday party... or, my pre-mature nesting. Whatever it is, our To Do List is long, and the deadline is fast approaching.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful and amazing friends who helped us out this weekend. From rolling our shed across the yard on PVC pipes, to attempting the massive headache that is a hand me down swing set, to painting our shed... we owe favors all over the place.

Check out just a few of the things we got done / started this Memorial Day Weekend. Oh yeh, no worries, I played "Taps," for my Husband the veteran while he worked his tail off... it was an even trade.

The rails getting their white on. Side Note: I bartered with a painter to get this job done FO FREE

Hung our new flag just in time for Memorial Day!
Oh yeh, and for those of you considering getting a hand me down swing set.... Don't. Get a tire and some rope, hang it in a tree and call it a day. Seriously.

As grateful and appreciative as we are to have the set, putting it together has been a nightmare. For real.

And no, it's still not done.

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