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 For all my non-Mommy and Daddy readers out there... you may just want to bypass this post altogether. You will find it extremely un-exciting, unless you buy baby shower gifts on the regular, or are planning to get knocked up anytime soon.

When Lovebug was 18 months old I started using the Pampers Rewards Program (see, told you this would be boring, Brother). The Program is similar to a credit card point system, it is free, and gives you "Rewards," for every Pampers product you buy. Inside every package of Pampers, whether it be diapers, wipes, whatever, is a code. You simply go to Pampers.com, register, and start adding in your codes. The more codes you enter, the more points you earn.

Hey Pampers, I will talk you up all day and night if you want to send a few diapers or coupons my way fo' free! Just sayin'....

I wish someone had told me about this fantastic program before Lovebug was born, because I would probably be a bajillion-aire. The points rack up quick (since the Bug burns thru the dipes, and is still not potty trained), and are good for all kinds of things... bath toys, birth announcements, coupons, you name it.

Last night I cashed in my Rewards for the first time. I used 1,000 points and got a coupon for $10 off http://www.diapers.com/, another site I was new to, but had heard a lot about.

I headed over to http://www.diapers.com/ with my coupon code ready. I ordered a large package of size 4 diapers (Lovebug has been a size 4 since last June!!), 160 of them, priced at $44.99. I also bought 384 wipes, for $16.99, because shipping was free once you passed $49. Grand total, $61.98. Ooofff, diapers are NOT cheap.

Wait, it gets better. I had my $10 off coupon from Pampers Rewards, putting me down to $51.98. Then I googled around and found a coupon for 20% off, putting me down to 49 bucks or so. Finally, after a little more googling, I found a coupon for $10 off for first time customers. I couldn't get it to work so I made a quick call to http://www.diapers.com/, and they gladly honored the coupon; taking the $10 off manually, no questions asked!

You know what that means? Yup, I got 61 dollars worth of diapers and wipes for 39 bananas, plus free delivery right to my door. Booo-yah.

Not a bad little deal. Moral of the story?? Register at Pampers.com, shop the sales on diapers.com... it will save you money, money that you can then spend on yourself!!! Yay!

I wish someone had told me sooner about diapers.com and their always google-able (my blog, my word) coupons, making them cheaper than driving to the store (which we all know is expensive as HELL these days), and picking them up myself.

Now if only I could get Lovebug potty trained, then I wouldn't have to bore you with diaper/coupon/rewards boring ass posts. Oh well, if you'd like the annoying potty training posts to stop, please come teach my son not to shit on the floor. In return, I'll write about something more interesting.

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  1. Thanks for the advice. I think we are going to order our first round of diapers from there. I am googling for the 20% off coupon but I can't find it!! Any chance you remember what it was or where you found it?


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