Car Rides

If I could go back, and change one thing about the way I have raised Lovebug thus far, it would be our car ride routine.

I created a car diva.

Most people say they put their kids in the car for some peace and quiet.

Not me.

Lovebug talks non-stop, blabbing away, yada, yada, yada.

"Mommy this, Mommy that, Mommy look, Mommy why, Mommy up, Mommy down, Mommy over, Mommy stop, Mommy go..."

It's endless.

Plus, I give him snacks and drinks in the car (anything for a second of silence, he cant talk with his mouth full... yet).

So, more often than not this badgering is going on while I am trying not to puke from the smell of old milk.

No matter how diligent I am about cleaning out my car, that stank nasty smell is impossible to get rid of.

I empty my car just about every other day, and still, the Milk Mobile stinks on.

We have tried the DVD player, books, toys, coloring... you name it.

Nothing works.

Husband flat out ignores him, but I am a softee and just cant bring myself to ignore him.

We don't go for short rides either, almost everywhere we go is a 20 minute plus ride, so Lovebug gets himself comfortable, and blabs away, not wasting a second on silence.

I have friends who do all sorts of things on car rides, none that jump through hoops like me.

If I could do it all again in the car, I would.

I don't actually have any advice on what I would do exactly, but I know I wouldn't act like a damn fool, being that Mom that has to entertain her kid everyfreakingsecond of his life... I would make car rides the exception.

Anyway, this past weekend, we got a break.

We were headed home from a trip to Maine where Lovebug rode a tractor, hit up a petting barn, rode in a golf cart, played in the woods...

The kid was fried... and didn't stand a chance against soft rain on his window, and James Taylor singing Sweet Baby James on the I-Pod.

Look how sweet and silent he is...


That cute little arm-pillow gets me every time...

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