Big Boy Room.. Progress

Okay, this is your sneak peek.

We I decided the room needed a stripe. Seeing as Husband refused to paint the entire room (we painted it a soft blue/gray when we moved in, and then closed the door for 2 years. There has never been anything but a filing cabinet in there), I figured pushing, and prodding ,and begging for a stripe to add some interest was a good compromise.

Husband tried to convince me to do a blue stripe, but I wanted red, and I won.
I am the one carrying the baby, what I say goes... right??

So, blue painter's tape goes up, stripe goes on.. all is well.

Then we take a closer look and notice that it isn't "perfect".

Husband is, if nothing else, anal as hell about his painting. I blame the Navy, and all those years painting everything, "Battleship Gray". Anyway, I guess it's better that he wants it to look good, as opposed to being happy with a shitty job, so he decides to get some trim, and do this.

Not bad huh? It matches the Bug's new bed, and gives it a little something extra.

Next we put these super macho man decals up.

Lovebug was FREEEEEAKKKING OUT screaming, "Excavator! Cement Mixer! Bulldozer!"
I am not sure how much sleeping is going to go on in this room after all...

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