Big Boy Room... More Progress

Are you sick of the progress reports?? 'Cause I could stop.

I mean, not that I could skip to the grand finale or anything, because, um, it's not done yet. But, you know what they say, big boy rooms weren't built in a day. That's what they say right??

We are real life folks around here at Casa de Bug, which means we travel too much on the weekends, and Husband gets his wisdom teeth out, and well, shit happens.

Okay, okay, enough excuses, on to the progress.

Curtains are up! Yay!

The navy blue ones are energy efficient, room darkening curtains from Walmart.com that I scored for $10 a panel. Lord knows we couldn't live without blackout curtains for the Bug. The valance is actually the bed skirt from the bedding set we ordered. Since we bought the Bug a bed with storage under it, the bed skirt was un-useable. Thanks to some crafty sewing from Short Sis, we now have custom valances!

She also used the left over fabric to make the matching pillow you see on Lovebug's chair, which we scored on Craigslist. It's kind of hard to tell, but the lamp is bright orange, from Tar-Jay, and the little stool/table was a hand me down (ie... I asked nicely for it) from my parent's house.

We are all super excited with the way the room is coming together and l-o-v-e the way all the colors are working together for a super high energy (just what Lovebug needs) place to be.


  1. Where are the pictures of my nephew?

  2. The room looks great!


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