Why Didn't I Think Of This??

Lovebug is an amazing sleeper, EXCEPT, if there is anyone other than myself or Husband in the house. Then, he turns into Lovebug the Frat Boy party animal. He wants to be the one to send everyone home at the end of the night, the last man standing, the host with the most.

Everyone else thinks it's funny when it's midnight and Lovebug is raging out, playing a bottle of Ranch dressing like a guitar and laughing, happy as a clam. It makes me cry, seriously, it does.

Yesterday was no different. We spent the day at Hunny and Pop-Pop's... at nap time, Lovebug was a cranky, rubbing his eyes mess. He had woken up early, and gone to bed late. He was well over due for some shut eye, but... there was someone other than me breathing in the house, and he knew it. So he refused to sleep.

To the point where he was thrashing, and acting like one of those kids you see in Wal-Mart, throwing themselves on the floor and whining. That is not my child, those children are the Devil.

I couldn't help it. I lost it. I cried. I am pregnant, and hormonal, and tired, so back the eff up and let me cry if I want to.

All I could think, when I looked at Lovebug was, "Please, for the love of God, go the eff to sleep."

And then, the clouds parted, and I found this book review online. I needed this today, to know I am normal (as normal as someone who recently caught shit between her toes can be), that I am not the only one.

This guy wrote a book called, "Go the F$%K to Sleep." He is my hero. It is NOT a book intended for children, but for adults. Something honest, to laugh at... it is only normal to get frustrated, and someone finally got real about it... I love that. With a simple rhyming picture book, AGAIN, FOR ADULTS... he quickly and easily won the hearts of parents everywhere. His book is already in the top 300 on Amazon, even though it doesn't come out for another 6 months.

I plan on giving it as a Baby Shower gift for the rest of my life.  Because it's a cute, funny, cheeky way of reminding parents... it's okay, you're not the only one... it gets better.

And at the end of the day, when the shit is cleaned out of my toenails, and Lovebug wants nothing more than to cuddle in my arms and talk about our adventures... I'm not thinking about those times when I want to cry because he wont sleep.

I am thinking I am pretty damn lucky. And I will save the tears for our next visit to Hunny & Pop Pop's; when he will without a doubt turn back into the Devil again.

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