What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving the warm weather, and letting Lovebug release some of that "crazy-makes-the-Enegerizer-bunny-look-calm," energy OUTSIDE!

I'm loving that Lovebug's feet touch the gas pedal now in his hand me down Lightning McQueen car... I'm also loving that he is scared to go too fast.

This pic is SO going in his E! True Hollywood story

I'm loving that potty time is becoming the norm, and that Lovebug likes to jam out with his wang out while he pees!

I'm also loving the one piece motorcycle get up that Lovebug is rocking on the potty. I got it on sale for 5 buckaroos at Baby Gap. I usually avoid snaps on the Bug, being that he is a bit old for the whole snap in the crotch deal, but it turns out to be pretty handy when potty training.


I actually couldn't figure out if it was pajamas or not, but I guess it doesn't really matter being that it serves as a kilt while he is potty training. Plus, he loves that it has motorcycles all over it.
Cheap, functional, and cool....I am in love.

What are you loving today?

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  1. Hi! I found you through WILW. Those pj's are too cute. My son is 21 months, we haven't started potty training yet, but I'm fully expecting to have potties set up all around the house :-)
    I'm now a follower!

  2. I love that car! Your little man is so ADORABLE! I am terrified when my girl starts potty training.. most moms are excited but not me! Haha.

    new follower, please stop on by..


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