Potty Training Update

Potty training is going well over here at Casa de Bug, but we did have one really. bad. day.

Let me begin by telling you that I read this ridiculous, off the wall, book on potty training. The guy's program is called "N, $75"... which stands for "Naked, $75". What does that mean?? It basically means you let your kid run around naked as a jay bird until they are potty trained, then you pay $75 to have your carpets cleaned. Weird right??

The program says that the very first step in potty training is to have a supportive partner. The next step is to ditch the diapers altogether, no "pants", no looking back. The program goes on to tell you to put the potty in the room used the most, to not overeact or get excited about succesful potty visits, and to not give rewards during the process.

Okay, I said it was ridiculous right? Obviously we know I have already rewarded the process. I also get pretty damn excited about almost everything, so I am the biggest over-reactor of potty training of all time. I haven't done a cartwheel yet, but I have done a booty dance, made up a song, and screamed. Needless to say, I am not following the program acurately, but, potty training is still going well... imagine that.

Last Saturday was Day 1 of '"No Pants" (I didn't throw out my diapers, as the book suggests). Because it was Saturday, Husband was home, and against his better judgement, on board with the "No Pants" deal. I was only a little nervous about it, but Lovebug was pysched to hang out with his wang out, so to speak. He freaking loved it. He just played as usual, we didn't let him put his bare booty just anywhere, we laid down blankets and towels and kept talking to him about the potty all day.

I had also been bribing him for 10 days about going #2 in the potty... I promised him the best present of all time the second he gave me a #2 in the pot. He knew the deal, he reminded me everyday, "Mommy, I get a piano when I go poopy in the potty," not really kid, but whatever you wanna think. We kept talking up this big poop in the potty like it was the greatest thing in the world.

Okay, back to "No Pants," day. Husband goes to make his lunch, and I answer my phone. It is literally the only minute of the entire day that one of us wasn't watching the pants-less Bug. And then, as I am chatting up Skinny Sis about the wonderful world of N-$75, Lovebug comes running.

"Mommy, I poop! I poop!" He is so freaking excited, he is sprinting towards me and smiling and laughing and clapping. One problem. As he ran, the poop was coming out of him. Mushy, green, drops of poop.... 10 little piles of it from the front door to the TV room, plus all down his legs.

Needless to say, after we cleaned the giant mess (which to our credit, we took totally in stride) and febrez-ed the crap out of our house (literally), Husband was none too pleased. He had been on my case to cut Lovebug's "No Pants," party short when the Bug accidentally peed on him an hour before. Now with the ten tiny poop piles, I knew I was in for it.

Husband casually comes and sits next to me on the couch.

"What was the first rule of 'N-$75' again?" he asked me.

"To have a supportive partner," I replied... knowing damn well what was coming.

"Yeh, you don't have that. Put a freaking diaper on him."

And THAT is why we potty train while Husband is at work.

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