The Pond, The Pizza & The Pocketbook

Those things have nothing in common, except they all start with "P" and are all things I have been meaning to blog about.

The Pond: Who knew that we live less than 2 miles from a really cool State Park? Um, not me, but I wish I had! Lovebug and I went for a playdate at a pond directly behind our house last week and he LOVED it.

"I'm freeeeee!"

Lovebug saw the pond and walked directly into it, shoes, socks, pants... soaked.

Doing squats.

He is pretending that stick is a weight... he may spend a little too much time at the Gym after all.

The Pizza: Lovebug is not the best green vegetable eater out there. In fact, he kinda sucks at it.
Unless I am hiding them, he wont eat 'em, simple as that.

Enter veggie pizza.


I bought some pizza crust, a bag of broccoli, some cheese and spaghetti sauce; and bada bing bada boom... I out smarted the Bug. I pureed the crap outta the broccoli so I could hide it in the sauce. I tried to leave a few teeny, tiny pieces of broccoli on top of the pizza, so the Bug might show some interest.
No such luck, he picked them off anyway.

Little did he know he was eating broccoli in every bite!! I used 3/4 of a bag to make this pizza, which took 15 minutes from start to finish, and will feed him on a whim all week long!!

The Pocketbook: So, on my birthday, I mentioned wanting some new shoes, butttttt... Husband pulled through with something even better (he out did himself)!! Something very similar (mine's a more classic, less trendy print) to this beauty... siggghhh... isn't she puurty??

Hello... I love you.

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