Picture Hijacking...

Does anyone out there in Blog-land have any idea how to prevent people from stealing pictures from my blog??

Please don't give me the ever popular, totally useless... "don't post them online"... that helps just about no one.

I started my blog because I missed writing, and our families missed us. We don't get to see them enough and so, my blog was born. It's not much, but it is mine, and I would like to keep it that way

I was discouraged today when I saw someone had "stolen" a picture from my blog. I foolishly thought that preventing "Right Click," was the way to go. Buuuttt... apparently it is not.

So, can anyone help?? I'd love to keep what's mine, mine... or at the very least, know that crazies aren't out there copying and pasting pictures of our child and our life.



  1. You should watermark them. Its a pain, and you will need some sort of photo editing software, but its really the only way.

    Also, look into a creative commons license online. They are free and it makes what you post online licensed to you and only to be used by permission, etc.

    - Kim

  2. how do you know someone stole them?


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