Palmolive Oxy

Don't make fun of me, but Palmolive Oxy has seriously changed my life.

When you become a Mother and a wife, one who stays at home to boot, you are entering a whole new world of chaos. I read somewhere recently that working parents spend between 19 and 180 minutes a day paying attention to their children. I am lucky enough to be able to spend every. waking. minute. with my son. Seriously, it is a blessing, even though sometimes I want to hide under the bed.

Anyway, being with your child while you run your house, plus keep your kid happy, sometimes means things are constantly going in fast forward, 100 miles an hour, in a crazy, chaotic but I love it kinda way.

Almost six nights a week you can find me in my kitchen cooking dinner while my son sits on the floor playing the guitar, or runs around the house like a maniac with no pants on (more on that here). Even though I wear an apron, I am forrever getting olive oil spots on my clothes. Always, always, always. I even once cried (more on why here) because "I can never have anyyyyy cloooottthesss without spottttssss!!"

Enter my mother in law... she is like the Italian Martha Stewart. She knows everything there is to know about anything domestic. I brought my olive oil problem to her, praying she would have the answer. All Italians cook with olive oil, and she doesn't look like a dalmatian like I do. She said, "Palmolive Oxy, the blue one." I was apprehensive, but gave it a shot.

I took my all time favorite long sleeve gap thermal, which has been stained since an hour after I bought it(boo) six months ago. It had a big ol' mayo, or salad dressing, or pizza grease spot the size of an orange right on the boob. I say all my stains are olive oil, but they are actually all just oil... some form it... stupid freaking oil. Anyway, since it is my favorite shirt, I wore it anyway, sometimes with a scarf, or with my hair over it... and it has been washed a fafillion times.

My mother in law instructed me to let the Palmolive Oxy sit for a day. I am too impatient for that. I put it on my shirt and left it for an hour.

I gotta be honest, I was shocked as Hell went I pulled my shirt out of the dryer and found the stain gone! I feel like I have a new wardrobe, because all of my shirts are now spot-less!!! Now I can stop shopping at the Mall, and start shopping in my now stain free drawers!!!!

You gotta try it!

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  1. I am so gonna try that!! I have stains on everything too!


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